Because I said so?
Sun Jun 2, 2019 12:26

Drew stared at DJ and called him crazy, causing DJ to laugh and shake his head. The other boy didn't give him a chance to refute that charge, but DJ really didn't care. Being crazy wasn't the worst thing DJ had been called in this school. When Drew admitted, he liked Remy DJ almost fist pumped in victory but held back. He didn't want to seem so overexcited after all DJ had kissed Remy not long ago.

DJ smiled at Drew. "Your so wrong dude. Every time it was just Remy and me it was always Drew this and Drew that." DJ had the good sense to keep whispering even though it seemed like most people in this room were deep in conversation with their partners. "And Remy's old fashioned she's never going to admit she likes a boy, especially after Malachi. She wants the whole fairy tale romance. Flowers, chocolates, the guy who sweeps her off her feet."

DJ paused. "I'm never going to be that guy for her. Not my scene, but you should really think about it being yours. It's not fair to Darlene that you're in love with your best friend and it's not fair for Remy to not know." The fifth-year sighed, grabbed the dumb doll, and stated. "Its name should be Optimus Prime by the way."

  • Why’s that? - Drew, Thu May 30 08:50
    Remember how a couple of moments ago Drew was really sorry about punching DJ and just wanted to make up with him? Well, it wasn’t exactly that Drew had changed his mind about that, but he was... more
    • Because I said so? - DJ, Sun Jun 2 12:26
      • Is that a good reason? - Drew, Sat Jun 8 23:06
        Why why why why why did DJ just want to keep talking about this? Well, all right, objectively Drew could understand why. He had been at RMI long enough (about a decade, now) to understand how the... more
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