Which one?
Tue Jun 4, 2019 15:21

“Sure,” said Nolan, and tried to come up with a situation in which that made sense, and immediately failed. A big problem so far as he was concerned was that neither of them would ever have to care for a baby. They had money to hire people for that, and if that somehow wasn’t enough, they would have wives. It was even harder to imagine a situation where Connor and Nolan would have to care for the same baby.

“Like if,” he tried, “I married your sister.” That was the easiest place to start; Nolan was an only child, and his only cousin was also a male, so the only way he and Connor would share a role of influence over a child was if they were in-laws that way. Not that it was likely Nolan Ramsey would marry Rose Farnon. He hadn’t had much to do with her but from what Connor said, his older sister wasn’t much of a lady and definitely wouldn’t go for a betrothal. The more he thought about it the less plausible a situation it might be. “Or we married into the same family,” he speculated, which seemed more feasible, “like, we married sisters.”

That was about the extent of Nolan’s imagination on this matter. He couldn’t figure out the next step that would end up with Nolan and Connor having to take care of the same kid. At least, not without anything bad happening to them. “And then for some reason one kid was both of our heirs.” Nolan was, by decorum, opposed to implying the possibility that either of them might not have his own kid for whatever reason.

“Then we might need to jointly make sure he was raised appropriately,” Nolan continued. He wasn’t entirely certain what that would mean, or how it might involve the actual childcare aspect of this project. For Nolan the value he needed to pass down that immediately came to mind was that his kid learn how to ride a winged horse, which was certainly Ramsey tradition but wasn’t, strictly speaking, the chief message he would have to impart. Working hard for what was yours, maybe, and being smart about how to use your resources. He didn’t know what that would entail for Connor but presumably the Farnons had some ideas about how a man should behave. Probably, he imagined, the exact opposite of how Dade was behaving.

Nolan nodded at the doll they’d received. “Should we, uh, wake him up?” Nolan suggested. A moment ago he had wanted to delay that as long as possible, but now that they were having this conversation he’d really like to stop talking about the hypothetical future where he and Connor had to care for an infant. If the baby doll woke up the two of them would probably have other priorities. A distraction.

  • I am one of those two things - Connor, Sat Jun 1 17:09
    Nolan was right, and it was horrible. This was precisely the sort of thing that this professor would have cooked up, specifically to punish well-bred people like himself and Nolan. Of course, she was ... more
    • Which one? - Nolan, Tue Jun 4 15:21
      • Depends on your perspective I guess - Connor , Tue Jun 4 19:23
        If Connor had been drinking a glass of water when Nolan started coming up with explanations as to why the two of them might be taking care of a baby together, he probably would have mercifully... more
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