Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year)
*~Oooo Shock Treatment~*
Sat Mar 25, 2017 17:47

If there was one class that Remington felt was easy, it was Cultural Studies. Her mother, a witch, was a sociocultural anthropologist who focused on understanding Muggle culture and explaining it to the magical world. The first year had spent her years before Rocky Mountain International traveling with her parents every time her mother had a new project. Cultural Studies, at its hardest, was still very similar to her mom’s work. She knew she was lucky, because her childhood experiences led her to become a super open-minded and nice kid. She hadn’t expected it to help her with school in such a direct way.

She knew before her paper even got to her that she was one of the students that Professor Blair-West wasn’t planning on shaming that day. She couldn’t tell if this was just how the professor was, or if it was the pregnancy. At age twelve, Remington had never dealt with pregnant people before. She was an only child, and her parents both agreed that having a newborn would create too much of an age gap. This was her first experience with someone who was pregnant, and she could never predict where Professor Blair-West was going next.

“Anyone have an idea what this means?”

Claudia Dubois offered an answer, and Remington raised her hand next. She waited until she was called on, and she spoke, trying very hard not to sound like a know it all. Culture shock was a huge anthropology thing; she knew a lot about it from her mom’s work. “I don’t remember how to say his first name, but the anthropologist Oberg came up with the term culture shock. It has different phases, kind of like how grief does, and people can recover from it or not.”

She managed to avoid ducking her head after she answered. There wasn’t even a blush on her darker skin. She’d been told once, in a Muggle school, that she talked too much in class, and even though she knew it came from someone who was jealous, she still felt self-conscious. She’d improved since coming to RMI. Answering questions from professors didn’t make her super anxious anymore, so that was good.

The activity was a lot for her to wrap her head around. She took notes on all of the terms and definitions, but she still wasn’t sure she understood what they were meant to do. The terms they were given had strict definitions for the classroom, but from what she knew, they were way more nuanced than this. She supposed that Professor Blair-West wanted them to just focus on the basics for now so they could get an understanding of the terms. Perhaps they’d address the nuances of it all later?

Remington fleshed out her notes while people started partnering up. A little bit of hair fell in her face, and she stopped writing to pin it back in her hair bow. Today’s bow was a big, sparkly butterfly that her mom had charmed to flap its blue, green, and golden wings every so often. Her shoes matched the butterfly theme, with each shoe having one wing in bright pink, but the pastel blue didn’t match. The rest of her outfit, mostly hidden by her robes, was pretty tame in comparison. She had on a purple t-shirt and a khaki, pleated school uniform skirt.

The box made its way to her right after she finished fleshing out her notes. She blinked her brown eyes, wondering if she’d taken too long, and looked at the person next to her. She was paired with an older student this time.

“Hi,” she greeted back, trying not to match the sudden awkwardness that came with the interestingly dressed kid. “I can pick; that’s okay.”

She reached her hand inside the box and pulled out a slip. The box made its way to its next victim, and she put the paper between them so they could both read it. Pets. Remington shrugged, not sure what to do with that subject. She decided that introductions were due before they actually talked about the material.

“My name is Remington,” she smiled, “I’m in Draco. I really like your shirt.”

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