Depends on your perspective I guess
Tue Jun 4, 2019 19:23

If Connor had been drinking a glass of water when Nolan started coming up with explanations as to why the two of them might be taking care of a baby together, he probably would have mercifully sidetracked the conversation by choking. Once sidetracked, the two of them could have just never returned to this topic ever again, but unfortunately Connor did not have a glass of water in front of him and therefore was trapped in what most certainly ranked as one of the most regrettable conversations of all time. The idea of Rose getting married was a foreign one but the idea of his often heinous older sister getting married to Nolan was somehow the worst thing Connor never would have thought to imagine on his own. Well, second worst - there wasn’t much that could beat the absolutely humiliating amount of confusion Dade had been projecting since the beginning of term.

Not that Connor was jealous of Nolan’s theoretical attentions to his sister, he reassured himself with far more panic than he might have had being confronted with that horrific image fifteen minutes ago. That would be ridiculous. He was definitely just friends with Nolan and all implications otherwise were absolutely the manifestations of wishful thinking on part of the homosexuals and Professor Blair. It was becoming abundantly clear that these people didn’t just lack respect for the establishments of society, but that they were actively campaigning against the things Connor and his friends held dear. It would probably be a major victory for them to convert Connor into a homosexual, but he knew better than to fall for their halfwitted schemes.

In his panic, he had totally missed what Nolan had said between his frightful suggestion of a theoretical marriage to Rose and the proposition that the baby would somehow be heir for both of them. Nolan was usually pretty smart - smarter than Connor, at least, whose marks were maintained through a fair amount of effort - but it didn’t seem like his intelligence was doing him much good in this particular class. Perhaps Nolan was just as unnerved by this class as Connor was - it was likely, the English boy supposed. The suggestion that they would have to make sure the baby was raised appropriately for the purposes of joint inheritance seemed...shaky at best. For one thing, Connor was entirely unsure what things you were supposed to teach a baby to turn it into someone like him as opposed to someone like Rose - or even worse, someone like Dade.

And when Connor put it like that, he had the sneaking suspicion that his father had very little idea of what those things were either.

He was about to make a comment about this being why parenting heterosexually was the correct way of doing things, but instead of giving him the chance to contribute to the sinking ship that held that particular line of conversation Nolan did manage to finally change the topic to something less fraught than an attempt to figure out a realistic, yet acceptable reason for two men to be co-parenting.

“Yes, that seems best,” Connor agreed hastily, reaching out for the doll and, picking it up, holding it by one arm out to Nolan, who obligingly touched it. Whatever hope that Connor might have had for the thing to have something of their temperaments vanished immediately as the rigid arm Connor had been holding it by suddenly became much less rigid and much more arm-like. At the same time, the thing started shrieking. Connor’s grip tightened on the thing as a look of abject horror swept over his features and he stood rooted to the spot, trying to figure out what in the world to do next.

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    “Sure,” said Nolan, and tried to come up with a situation in which that made sense, and immediately failed. A big problem so far as he was concerned was that neither of them would ever have to care... more
    • Depends on your perspective I guess - Connor , Tue Jun 4 19:23
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