Is that a good reason?
Sat Jun 8, 2019 23:06

Why why why why why did DJ just want to keep talking about this? Well, all right, objectively Drew could understand why. He had been at RMI long enough (about a decade, now) to understand how the rumor mill worked. It was interesting to know what was going on with other people. Drew wrote for the newspaper: he got it. He didn’t participate in Heather’s gossip column because that wasn’t real journalism and he didn’t like being all up in people’s business when they didn’t want him to be, which was exactly what a gossip column did.

You’re so wrong dude. Every time it was just Remy and me it was always Drew this and Drew that.

Oh. Well that was—well that didn’t mean anything. Right? Of course Remy talked about him, they were friends. Drew talked about his friends no matter who he was with. He talked about Kit, like, a lot, and she was his cousin. So talking about someone didn’t mean you were interested in them (because ew, Kit was his cousin), and DJ clearly had no idea what he was talking about. Well, he had some idea, because now that the concept was in his head Drew was having a really hard time not thinking about Remy, but overall DJ seemed to just not get how it worked.

And ‘old-fashioned’? Was DJ talking about the same Remington Burnham? If Drew was coming up with a list of adjectives to describe Remy, ‘old-fashioned’ would not even make the top one hundred. When Drew thought of things that were old-fashioned, he thought of penny-farthings and telephones with dials and stuffy dress robes and pureblood families that had opinions about Propriety with a capital P and that rhymed with T and that stood for Trouble. Remy’s mother was a researcher who met her Muggle dad on an anthropology assignment, or something. And Remy herself was a genius and a great student and brilliant at self-defense club. She wasn’t a traditionalist. So whatever impression DJ had gotten that Remy was old-fashioned just wasn’t right. Remy was like, progressive.

“I’m not in love with Remy,” Drew objected in a whisper. If he was in love with Remy, he would know. He wouldn’t have had to find out from DJ Finn. The Draco might maybe possibly be right about Drew having a very tiny crush on Remington, but, well, that wasn’t really relevant. “I love Darlene.” He had to, right? Over the last few years, when he’d pictured his future, it had always been with Darlene. Yes. He loved her and he was going to stay with her if everything kept going good, which it had been for the last twoish years. “We’ve been together since like, second year. Me maybe liking Remy a little bit isn’t a big deal compared to that. So you can just stop with the advice or whatever now.”

“And we’re not calling our baby Optimus Prime,” he added, because that was a terrible name to give even a fake baby. Drew didn’t go by a nickname because he didn’t like his given name (‘Andrew’ was fine, but sounded way too formal for him) but he wanted to give his kid a name that they would be cool with using. Drew put his hand on the baby doll, and it instantly woke up, opening green eyes. DJ’s eyes. Great. “We should give him or her, like, a normal name.”

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    • Is that a good reason? - Drew, Sat Jun 8 23:06
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