Deagret Wyckland
Just being a little nosy...
Mon Aug 19, 2019 22:05

Deagret was snooping.

There wasn’t really a better word she could think of to describe where her curiosity had led her. In class earlier that week, she’d found a candy wrapper stuck up under her table with a Sticking Charm. With code written on the inside of the wrapper.

Which, apparently, was a form of communication used by at least three different students who were involved in some sort of candy smuggling pyramid scheme. At least, that’s what she’d managed to figure out by the poorly used code. They could have at least used Caesar Cipher, or magic, instead of just mixing around the words in a sentence. And to write them on the insides of candy wrappers! How much more obvious could they get?

But hey, now that she’d discovered their little secret smuggling group, all she’d have to do is figure out who sits in her exact spot during lecture hall at different times and figure out who was smart—well, more likely stupid—enough to make their base of communications an actively used classroom, use her discovery as blackmail, and boom! She’s got a way to feed her incessant sweet tooth.

It was a pretty good plan, in her opinion, but it could possibly be hard to pull it off herself. If Deagret wanted to get a hold on the professor’s seating charts, she’d definitely someone who was either an experienced lookout, or an older student.

And Kit certainly wouldn’t be down for this, and dangit, Deagret really wanted this candy!

She had already devoured the two-pound bag of gummy bears her parents had sent up with her, and desserts at dinner just weren’t enough to tide her over until she could go back home!

Of course, she could always write to Mom and Dad or Graham for a new supply, but candy hard-won always tasted sweeter. Besides, it’d be her first taste of real mischief since the latter half of term had started! It was late in the game, and she needed to make her move!

While Deagret had been lost in her thoughts decoding a new wrapper (apparently, there was some drama between one of the head schemers and an underling who wanted out after the two had started up a slight romance and her parents had found out), she didn’t hear anyone open the door. And then out of the blue, there was a familiar face hanging down over the table Spider-Man-style and out of shock, Dea shot upwards and bashed her head into the underside of the desk.

With a yelp and a hand on her throbbing head, she hissed half heartedly, “Don’t you know how to knock?! You scared the crap out of me!” Her nose and lip were scrunched up in a pout, a slight blush flushing her cheeks at being caught sneaking around.

    • That could get you into trouble - Elliot Phippen, Sat Aug 24 23:29
      Here was something of a secret: Elliot was kind of a nerd. Well, okay, the nerd part, in general, was not a secret, but the type of nerd was not as obvious as it seemed at first glance. Gigi called... more
      • Yeah, so? Do I look like I care? - Deagret, Sun Aug 25 00:10
        Of course it was Elliot. Not that she was mad. Not in the slightest—Deagret was happy to see her Acquaintance in Mischievous Deeds (hey, he needed a title, and she wasn’t sure if they were close... more
        • Do I look like I care if you care? - Elliot, Sun Aug 25 00:48
          Really? That was her defense? “Well, ex cuse me, princess,” Elliot said, in a great imitation of Link, “but red-headed people look the same from the back far away when they’re hiding under desks, and ... more
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