Elliot Phippen
That could get you into trouble
Sat Aug 24, 2019 23:29

Here was something of a secret: Elliot was kind of a nerd.

Well, okay, the nerd part, in general, was not a secret, but the type of nerd was not as obvious as it seemed at first glance. Gigi called him “tech nerd” (when she wasn’t calling him “lover boy”—seriously, was she allergic to peoples’ names? It wasn’t hard to keep track, it was like how Varric in Dragon Age called people Elf and Blondie and Sparkler, but it didn’t seem like something real people did) but Elliot really wasn’t that much of a tech nerd. Like, he didn’t know any programming languages, and he’d never built a PC. That was on the bucket list, but definitely not happening while Elliot still lived somewhere he couldn’t have a rig.

He was more of a nerd in the sense that he was a big fan of a lot of things that were quote-unquote “nerd culture.” (He didn’t know what the distinction between nerd culture and pop culture was, except that one was a lot more mainstream, but the line for that seemed pretty arbitrary.) But Elliot was also a different type of nerd because he actually liked doing homework. He wasn’t spreading that around but it was true. When you went to magical school, it was pretty hard to complain about homework assignments that were “learn how to make potions” and “defy the laws of physics” and “look up goblin guerilla tactics.” It was really pineappling cool and he wasn’t going to apologize for thinking it was cool.

He had also discovered that the Aquila Common Room was the actual worst place in the world to do homework, because Aquilas were maniacs. He should know, because he was one. The Aquila Common Room was usually loud, and if it wasn’t loud, then there was some kind of trap, laid by one of the other students or the head of house himself. Elliot’s room wasn’t ideal for homework either, because Grayson was not what you would call focused. He was smart but in a mad scientist kind of way. And the library had too many distractions, so Elliot mostly used the lecture hall during off hours to do his homework.

Usually it was abandoned, but when Elliot showed up he noticed a shock of red hair under one of the desks. Uh oh. He didn’t think Kit would voluntarily go into the lecture hall, because she seemed more like someone who would hang out in the outdoor classroom, or in an evil lair with stalactites and darkness, but he wouldn’t put it past her to hide here to ambush him while he was being a good student.

Well, he’d better ambush her first, then. Elliot used his goblin guerilla tactics and mad parkour skillz to make his way onto the desk above her. Drawing his wand, he poked his head over the edge of the desk, ready to fling a tooth-growing hex at his nemesis.

The whole thing almost came crashing down at the same moment Elliot realized that this was not, in fact, Kit. “Oh, hey Dea. I thought you were Kit,” he said. Wait a second, why was she mad at him? It wasn’t his fault she’d bonked her head. “I don’t have to knock, this is a public room, and you’re hiding under a desk,” he reminded her, “so I kinda don’t think you can tell me not to sneak. Whaddaya doing down there, anyway?”

  • Just being a little nosy... - Deagret Wyckland, Mon Aug 19 22:05
    Deagret was snooping. There wasn’t really a better word she could think of to describe where her curiosity had led her. In class earlier that week, she’d found a candy wrapper stuck up under her... more
    • That could get you into trouble - Elliot Phippen, Sat Aug 24 23:29
      • Yeah, so? Do I look like I care? - Deagret, Sun Aug 25 00:10
        Of course it was Elliot. Not that she was mad. Not in the slightest—Deagret was happy to see her Acquaintance in Mischievous Deeds (hey, he needed a title, and she wasn’t sure if they were close... more
        • Do I look like I care if you care? - Elliot, Sun Aug 25 00:48
          Really? That was her defense? “Well, ex cuse me, princess,” Elliot said, in a great imitation of Link, “but red-headed people look the same from the back far away when they’re hiding under desks, and ... more
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