Yeah, so? Do I look like I care?
Sun Aug 25, 2019 00:10

Of course it was Elliot.

Not that she was mad. Not in the slightest—Deagret was happy to see her Acquaintance in Mischievous Deeds (hey, he needed a title, and she wasn’t sure if they were close enough to call each other “friends”). It was just that she’d heard around school that Elliot had a way of finding trouble and making it his own. He was apparently a master at this stuff.

Deagret was merely a Padawan and still learning. Although she’d been living here a few months, Elliot was more acquainted with the school, and probably knew more hidey-holes and nooks and crannies. She needed a teacher. Who actually taught her how to traverse the school.

She needed to unlearn what she already had learned, and be taught the way of sneaking about in RMI. It was important to her. For reasons. Of which she would not discuss.

Letting out a sigh, Deagret rubbed her palm against her head to try to soothe the pain and scowled at Elliot before a reluctant smile split her lips. “Hey Elliot. Yeah, you’re right this is the lecture hall. And for some reason you almost attacked me because you thought I was Kit. Why did you think I was Kit?” And then she remembered. “Don’t tell me all red haired people look the same to you! And for the record, Kit and I look nothing alike, and she doesn’t sneak around in abandoned classrooms.”

And then he asked what she was doing and so she figured, Padawan...Jedi Master...

Ah, what the heck. She’ll just keep the Terms and Conditions a little short and sweet and a little confusing.

“Well,” Deagret began, smiling widely. “I just busted a candy smuggling pyramid scheme. There’s a lot of drama, actually, which is boring, but, I think if I can figure out who sits in my spot and quietly learn about their moral character I can deduce who runs it and softly blackmail them into giving me free candy.”

She fiddled with a candy wrapper, her spiral notebook filled with decoded messages sitting in her lap. “But I’ve got a problem. A big one. I don’t know how to get the seating charts. And this is not a one-woman operation.”

And then she gave him her biggest smirk and most hopeful eyes and said, “If you’d help, I’d give you a cut of the profits. Sixty-forty. All smuggled candy, magical and muggle. I would kill for a thing of Pixie Stix. There’s gotta be something you miss too. I mean, magical candy is great and all but I’m tired of my chocolate hopping out of my hand. So, what do ya say?”

  • That could get you into trouble - Elliot Phippen, Sat Aug 24 23:29
    Here was something of a secret: Elliot was kind of a nerd. Well, okay, the nerd part, in general, was not a secret, but the type of nerd was not as obvious as it seemed at first glance. Gigi called... more
    • Yeah, so? Do I look like I care? - Deagret, Sun Aug 25 00:10
      • Do I look like I care if you care? - Elliot, Sun Aug 25 00:48
        Really? That was her defense? “Well, ex cuse me, princess,” Elliot said, in a great imitation of Link, “but red-headed people look the same from the back far away when they’re hiding under desks, and ... more
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