As long as we don't get burned
Sun Mar 26, 2017 13:53

The younger girl agreeably drew from the box first, which gave him a chance to study her from behind his sunglasses and try to figure out if he had seen her before. She was definitely more than a year younger, and Russell was pretty sure he hadn't seen her in any of his other classes. Or perhaps more accurately, he was pretty sure that he would know if he had, assuming that the large butterfly was a staple feature on her hair. It flapped its multi-hued wings as he was looking at it, and tiny bits of light sparkled outwards, causing him to tense up. Passing the box over, he slumped back in his seat. He'd been grateful for how easy it had been to find a partner, but gosh, now that was just going to be distracting.

Straightening up again once she set down the piece of paper, he leaned over to read it with her, absently brushing back the bit of hair that had flopped in front of his face at the movement. Russell grinned involuntarily upon reading the word, ironically feeling at the same time the vibrating breathing of the warm lump that was Jaws in his pocket. Pets were something he was of course familiar with; he'd been keeping mice for quite a few years. He wasn't certain how they could relate it to the culture groups that they'd been given, but fortunately the younger girl decided to introduce herself to him first, so he didn't have to try figuring that out quite yet. Wasn't able to use the time for thinking about pets instead of focusing on her, but still, time was time.

In addition to her name, she also complimented his shirt, which he could feel himself blushing a little at. Russell didn't think that was very obvious, though. From watching other people, he had determined that the only thing blushing did was make the shadows on their faces more pronounced, and that was easily overlooked, he thought. "Thanks. I do, too." Was that the right thing to say? Did it sound too arrogant? Well, he did like his shirt. Most of his shirts had patterns, since he got bored wearing the same greyscales every day, and floral patterns were his favourite, being so random. Maybe he should compliment her back. That would be nice, right? "Your butterfly is really... realistic," he offered, hoping it sounded complimentary enough, as he couldn't honestly say he liked it when it was reflecting light all over. "Er, I'm Russell. Cetus."

Turning back to the paper, he thought for a moment longer. "I guess humans would be the obvious place to start," he offered tentatively, looking for a sign of disagreement. Seeing none, he continued. "So, um, obviously all humans have an idea of what pets are. Well, maybe there are some people who don't... 'believe' in pets," he said, putting air quotes around the word. He had heard of some small groups that were anti-pets, and they confused him. "Normally because of animal cruelty, I think? Which doesn't make sense. I only know of Muggle people like that. Maybe pet-free wizards exist, too. But still, Muggles and wizards have pets. Just, um, different types of animals, and magical animals or crossbreeds." Realizing he'd been rambling, he cut himself off abruptly and mumbled an apology, waving for Remington to go ahead. There was more he could think of to say - the kid in the library a while back, for instance, had raised the question of magical pets, which was interesting. But it would be rude to keep talking at her.

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    • As long as we don't get burned - Russell, Sun Mar 26 13:53
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