I can't tell if this is going well anymore
Mon Mar 27, 2017 22:37

Claudia usually took a lot of notes. Marley had noticed that, of course, because she took hardly any and so the scribbling of students around her often caught her attention, if only for a few brief moments before something else became more important. Quite often, she wound up doodling in her notebooks, which she was pretty sure her parents found a little frustrating as it meant she ran out of paper quickly, but she was also pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to refrain from doing. She just got the urge to draw, and it was nice carrying it out. Her notebook for Cultural Studies was approximately one-third terms and definitions, one-third scribbles that were meant to be mini portraits of neighbouring students, and one-third scribbles that were meant to depict various items in the room. (Since they were usually in the Lecture Hall and it was kind of a boring room, she had gotten really good at hastily sketching out Professor Blair’s desk at the front, although that was harder now that the woman was pregnant and sitting on it.)

Back to her first thought. Claudia usually took a lot of notes. This made it her lack of note-taking throughout Marley’s chatter surprisingly obvious to the chatter-er herself. Not obvious enough to distract her from what she was saying, of course, but obvious enough that she actually paused to breathe in between some of her sentences. Breathing during talking was an abnormal occurence as it was something Marley considered an overall waste of time, so the fact that she did so now was saying something. It didn’t stick for long - by the time she hit the points she thought were the best, about happy, it was full speed ahead as usual - but she was reminded of the peculiarness of her friend’s lack of notes when Claudia responded with more emotion in her voice than Marley thought she had ever heard before.

Apparently, marriage was a Big Deal to Claudia.

“Whatever would be the point of marrying a Muggle?”

Brown eyes widened in shock. How... Claudia was so nice; she couldn’t mean that. Right? Marley wanted to interrupt her, but didn’t know what to interrupt with aside from ‘you don’t really mean that’, which she knew from experience wasn’t a very productive thing to say because the other person usually just returned with ‘yes I did’ and then they would be stuck again. Being stuck wasn’t fun. She was stuck now, though, so she tried to pay attention to the rest of what Claudia said, though the only thing she properly noticed was that Claudia didn’t answer her question about being happy. That suggested that marriage was a Big Deal but happy wasn’t. And that was... sad? Sad wasn’t a familiar feeling to the usually-peppy girl, so she wasn’t honestly sure if that was the right label, but it certainly wasn’t happy (duh) so maybe the sudden tightness in her chest meant sad instead.

Marley didn’t have time to decide whether she was sad, because Claudia had stopped to point at her notes, and that left her an opening to speak, and speaking was what she did best. “So you just wanna marry someone who’s rich and Pureblooded?” she verified skeptically. Her smile was gone; she was frowning down at Claudia’s paper now. “That doesn’t seem very smart. The person has to be important, too. You have to fit together. What if you wound up marrying someone who’s mean or rude or has bad morals? You’re my friend; I don’t want you to be unhappy one day.” Marley’s frown sunk deeper as she looked up, her voice sounding plaintive to her own ears. She might have to ask after all... “Do you really think a Muggle can’t be that person? Does that mean... I can’t be that for someone, just ‘cause I’m half-Muggle?” They were sorta derailing from the assignment at this point, but this was important. Marley wasn’t sure if she even wanted to get married, but what she did know was that Claudia’s words had hurt. She’d heard of Bad Purist Purebloods (her mum had a couple clients like that whom she complained about a lot, because they treated her like a servant instead of a hired professional) but it had never occurred to her that Claudia might be one of them.

  • Likewise - Claudia, Mon Mar 27 05:30
    For a split-second, it seemed to Claudia as though she had rendered Marley speechless; her partner was opening and closing her mouth but no sound was coming out. Claudia couldn't think of anything... more
    • I can't tell if this is going well anymore - Marley, Mon Mar 27 22:37
      • Are we speaking the same language? - Claudia, Tue Mar 28 14:52
        Stripping down Claudia’s points to their barest minimum, Marley summarised, “So you just wanna marry someone who’s rich and Pureblooded?” There was something in her tone that suggested skepticism.... more
        • I'm gonna need a translation - Marley, Wed Mar 29 01:26
          Claudia was obviously trying to make her feel better, except it wasn’t actually very obvious, because she hadn’t answered her question about if she thought a Muggle could be a good marriage partner.... more
          • Or a mediator - Claudia, Thu Mar 30 05:29
            For just a moment, Claudia optimistically believed they were beginning to get back on track, but then Marley had to take offense at her use of the word ‘fine’ and they were back to square one.... more
            • Or a distraction - Marley, Fri Mar 31 22:32
              Marley had heard about the witch-hunts and stuff like that, but she didn't think it was really relevant. Obviously not all Muggles would be quick to get on with wizards, and vice-versa too (as was... more
              • Or a brief break - Claudia, Sat Apr 1 16:31
                Claudia wasn’t sure exactly what she was feeling. She was disappointed with Marley for not being able to sway in her point of view, and she was frustrated that she couldn’t accurately convey her own... more
                • And a small loop back to the beginning - Marley, Sat Apr 1 23:23
                  As she waited for Claudia to say something, Marley attempted to put their argument to the side of her brain and focus on this new topic. Knitting. Okay. Obviously there was Muggle knitting and... more
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