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Is there such a thing as impractical application?
Tue Mar 28, 2017 06:09

“Well, thank you,” Aaron smiled at his student. He enjoyed his one-on-ones with Sorsha, which wasn’t something he had initially expected. Aaron loved teaching but he did best with students who were focused on learning, a description that had not fit Sorsha Nolan until this year. Aaron supposed that it was because in their one-on-ones they focused on both IMP material and topics that Sorsha actually cared about. In that way she wasn’t that much different from Jessie, although he suspected that his daughter was more stubborn and strong-willed than Sorsha was. Which really was for the best, because getting Jessie to do anything was an experience in and of itself.

Sorsha’s eagerness became apparent as she cut to the chase immediately after pleasantries were over, choosing to focus on the lesson instead of putting it off as long as possible. As a professor, Aaron knew that he was relatively easy to sidetrack, a trait that his older students often tried to take advantage of. He had a commitment to the material but at the end of the day, the Spellwork professor was most interested in experimental charms and transfigurations and could talk about the properties inherent in either interest ad nauseum. It wasn’t just a trait that came out in the classroom, either; Garen had been on the receiving end of rambling verbal explanations of theory and practice for years now, and Aaron assumed that the kids had at this point picked something up from some overheard conversations. It was one of the reasons that Aaron kept his workshop external to the apartment, in a locked room off the practical laboratory - the last thing he needed was Madeleine or Drew getting curious and deciding to try something themselves.

Aaron gestured to a medium-sized, red velvet bag with golden drawstrings that he had placed on the floor next to him when he had walked into the room. Inside the bag was a variety of dragon scales in different sizes, shapes, and - most importantly - conditions.

“Today we’re going to be working on some spells that have to do with the physical upkeep of dragon scales,” he said. Jessie had sent him the scales, making sure to add a note to each one as to what spells needed to be performed on it. Much of the required work was a result of keeping captivated dragons rather than letting them roam wild; there were certain diseases and nutritional deficiencies that were common among dragons that lived on a reserve that were different from afflictions experienced by wild dragons. This was in part due to the fact that dragons themselves were extremely biologically complex and their needs were often species-specific. “FIrst though, did you do the reading?” Aaron had assigned Sorsha to read the chapter on dragon diseases and maladies from the textbook he had given her at the beginning of the year, entitled Dragons and Dragonkeeping: A Comprehensive Summary. It was a thick book, with chapters that averaged about forty pages full of densely packed references to academic papers and summaries of studies on different species of dragons. Aaron tried to not assign more than one chapter a week, which he thought was fair for a seventh year. The textbook was one typically used for university courses in dragonkeeping and was fairly advanced even for what was essentially a material survey.

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