Are we speaking the same language?
Tue Mar 28, 2017 14:52

Stripping down Claudia’s points to their barest minimum, Marley summarised, “So you just wanna marry someone who’s rich and Pureblooded?” There was something in her tone that suggested skepticism. The Cetus student thought there must be some misunderstanding occurring. It wasn’t that she wanted to marry someone who was rich and pureblooded, necessarily, but magical blood preservation was universally considered a responsibility of wizarding families, or so she had thought. Fortune wasn’t strictly important to Claudia, either, but she would inherit it from her family; she hadn’t earned it, so it wasn’t hers to squander, but to protect for future generations. Marriage was about responsibility.

“That’s not,” Claudia began, hoping to clear up the mire through which they had begun to wade, but Marley strode on relentlessly. She voiced concerns about the suitability of a hypothetical marriage partner. Claudia had to agree that sometimes a person might have undesirable traits, but she trusted her parents wouldn’t organise a union for her to someone who was mean, or rude, or had bad morals. What kind of monsters did Marley imagine her parents to be? Marley’s parents had never been married, so Claudia allowed that it might be difficult to understand, and elected to not take offense. To that particular comment, anyway.

Both second years were frowning at each other, while Claudia was beginning to consider that ‘wizard-raised wizard’ was far too broad a collective to share one culture, especially where marriage was concerned, apparently. Then Marley said something quite extraordinary. She proclaimed Claudia to be her friend. The blonde girl’s frown dropped in an instant, her eyebrows raising back towards their usual post, and perhaps a bit higher, as she inwardly acknowledged that was the first time anyone had ever called her a friend, to her recollection. She believed she was friends with Connor - she certainly prefered his company to most people’s - but she doubted either of them had ever said so. Yet Claudia didn’t think she was being a good friend, by any stretch of the imagination, as she had obviously upset Marley, without even any intention to do so. She didn’t enjoy the twisting sensation somewhere between her stomach and her throat that she was now experiencing, probably as a direct result of their miscommunications. Marley was suggesting that Claudia had implied nobody would marry her; no wonder she was upset.

“Marley, that’s not what I’m saying at all,” Claudia said, shaking her head a little. She felt as though she wanted to offer some sort of comfort to the other girl but she didn’t really know how. “It sounds to me,” she said, hoping diplomacy might assist her, “that what you’re talking about - love, and happiness - is romance, not marriage,” she explained. “Marriages can be romantic,” Claudia acquiesced, although she sounded a little unsure of herself; was that the driving force in marriages that fell outside her definition, perhaps? “But they’re not the same thing.” Claudia tried to meet Marley’s gaze, to see whether they were understanding each other yet.

Claudia sighed softly, wondering how to explain something she had understood as long as she could remember, to someone who apparently had no idea. “Your father’s a Muggle,” she said, repeating the fact she had learned from Marley just moments ago, “so you might have been born a Muggle, too.” She was by no means an expert in genetics, but she was reasonably sure that a risk in these unusual scenarios. “Which would be fine,” Claudia hastened to add, because she didn’t want Marley to think she was prejudiced against Muggles (incidentally, Claudia didn’t know enough about Muggles to have real opinions of them in either direction; they were not relevant to her existence), “but I want to protect the future of wizardkind, so I’ll marry a wizard.” She felt a little uncomfortable isolating herself in this matter, so she added, “And a lot of families use marriage for that.”

  • Claudia usually took a lot of notes. Marley had noticed that, of course, because she took hardly any and so the scribbling of students around her often caught her attention, if only for a few brief... more
    • Are we speaking the same language? - Claudia, Tue Mar 28 14:52
      • I'm gonna need a translation - Marley, Wed Mar 29 01:26
        Claudia was obviously trying to make her feel better, except it wasn’t actually very obvious, because she hadn’t answered her question about if she thought a Muggle could be a good marriage partner.... more
        • Or a mediator - Claudia, Thu Mar 30 05:29
          For just a moment, Claudia optimistically believed they were beginning to get back on track, but then Marley had to take offense at her use of the word ‘fine’ and they were back to square one.... more
          • Or a distraction - Marley, Fri Mar 31 22:32
            Marley had heard about the witch-hunts and stuff like that, but she didn't think it was really relevant. Obviously not all Muggles would be quick to get on with wizards, and vice-versa too (as was... more
            • Or a brief break - Claudia, Sat Apr 1 16:31
              Claudia wasn’t sure exactly what she was feeling. She was disappointed with Marley for not being able to sway in her point of view, and she was frustrated that she couldn’t accurately convey her own... more
              • And a small loop back to the beginning - Marley, Sat Apr 1 23:23
                As she waited for Claudia to say something, Marley attempted to put their argument to the side of her brain and focus on this new topic. Knitting. Okay. Obviously there was Muggle knitting and... more
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