Simmer down there, sparky
Tue Mar 28, 2017 15:31

Petra thought that Dade had some really good questions about the lesson. The first one, the first year really wasn’t sure that she could answer and it made her frown in displeasure. She didn’t like not knowing the answers to things, one of the many things that irritated her about her siblings, but it wasn’t like Dade knew the answer either. If he did, he wouldn’t have been asking the question. But the second one, well that one was kind of easy.

“I don’t know about Wizard,” she said, wrinkling her nose. She tugged thoughtfully at the end of her ponytail, red-blonde curls springing lightly as she did so. “But I think the muggle one might refer to people who don’t have any magic parents. Like, muggleborns?” Did that mean that technically Squibs fell in the Wizard-raised category? And that still left the question of where half-bloods fit in. Maybe this lesson was more confusing than the Aquila had originally thought. It was questions like this that had probably gotten her the barely passing grade on her exam.

“I don’t get where some people fall into this,” she said, a frown gracing her features. It was probably one of those days where she would have to talk to Professor Blair, no matter how much she didn’t really want to. “Like, what about the halfbloods that have both a muggle and wizard parent. Aren’t they technically both? And what about Squibs?” It was becoming apparently clear to the first year that she didn’t really like this lesson. It seemed too confusing and to some maybe too exclusive. “I don’t like this activity much.”

Her earlier enthusiasm had all but faded and the Aquila hunched over a little, chin perched in one hand while the other drummed on her desk. Dade had pulled out his book, but she didn’t move to pull out hers. Instead, she picked up the slip of paper. The item was simple, but she didn’t really get how to apply it. As far as she knew, all spectrums of the world knew what ice cream was. It was an essential part of childhood, wasn’t it? With yet another frown, Petra fiddled with slip a little, trying to think about it. “Does the book say anything?” It was probably the first time the girl hadn’t read ahead, but she’d been a bit distracted by other less important things. “It seemed so easy at first, but now all these definitions are confusing.”

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    He hadn’t worked with Petra before but Dade knew her name, if nothing else about her. She seemed to be pretty quiet, unlike some others in their year, so that was nice, but Dade had never worked with ... more
    • Simmer down there, sparky - Petra, Tue Mar 28 15:31
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