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Wed Mar 29, 2017 01:26

Claudia was obviously trying to make her feel better, except it wasn’t actually very obvious, because she hadn’t answered her question about if she thought a Muggle could be a good marriage partner. There were only two reasons Marley could think of for why people avoided answering questions: either they didn’t know the answer, or it was a negative answer and they didn’t want to make the other party feel bad or have a bad opinion of them. Whichever the reason, Claudia hadn’t answered, and Marley didn’t find her attempts to further clarify at all reassuring. She didn’t avoid looking at the other girl, but eye contact felt weird with her face still twisted unhappily. Eye contact was supposed to be a happy experience. When people smiled at each other, their eyes changed. That formed the basis of practically every case of Marley’s intentional eye contact with others. She was practically always smiling, so this wasn’t right at all.

Okay, she could admit, marriage and romance were separate ideas. But you couldn’t have one without the other - not properly, anyways. Love and happiness was what made a family. Romance was what made a couple. Even though her parents weren’t married, Marley had learned that much from watching them, because they really still loved each other in a way and it was always kind of romantic between them. “Yeah,” she sighed, nodding at Claudia. “Romance is still most important to me, though.” Whether or not she wanted to get married one day was a question that would have to wait for ‘one day’. But Marley knew she wanted romance. She hadn’t had a boyfriend yet, but she was sure it would happen soon, and she couldn’t wait...

Wait... it would be fine if she had been a Muggle? “Fine?” What kind of word was that? “What do you mean, fine?” Wait, did she just say that out loud? Brown eyes blinked. “Sorry, I mean...” Her automatic response was to take it back, but as she started apologizing, Marley realized that she didn’t actually have anything to apologize for. “Well, I mean, it wouldn’t be just fine. It would be normal. I’d still be me. Being a witch doesn’t change who I am, I think.” The only big difference about being a witch was the whole doing-magic thing. The way she saw it, she hadn’t had a wand for the first ten years of her life; her whole personality was basically formed by the time she got to RMI. So what if she could levitate rocks and stuff? That didn’t change who she was.

“I don’t wanna be disrespectful to what you believe, but gosh, this is so wrong,” she sighed, slumping over in her seat to cradle her chin in one hand. Her elbow, in turn, landed on top of her by now long-forgotten notebook. It was a good thing that it had been long-forgotten, because otherwise the ink might’ve still been wet and gotten smeared. “Like, it’s super racist. It’d be like if I said I was only gonna marry another black person so that I could protect the future of black people.” Marley made a face of obvious disgust, nose wrinkling. “That’s awful, but even if it wasn’t awful, it’s still not my responsibility. So why d’you think some wizarding families are so obsessed with protecting purebloods and making it their responsibility? Like, it’d be better if they got more involved with Muggles and Halfbloods, so that they could learn more and make the wizarding world bigger and stronger.”

Picking up her pencil with her free hand, Marley sighed again and twirled it aimlessly around her pointer finger. Cultural Studies was normally pretty fun, if hard, but this class was turning out to be way more complicated than she had expected. Like, she thought they would just be talking about their opinions. But now that she was hearing Claudia’s opinions - well, she didn’t want to think that they couldn’t be friends because of this, because being friends with different types of people was something she had always thought was important, but she was starting to question how good their friendship really was. Was it worth it to be friends with someone who didn’t think half of her family was on the same level as wizards? Marley didn’t know.

  • Are we speaking the same language? - Claudia, Tue Mar 28 14:52
    Stripping down Claudia’s points to their barest minimum, Marley summarised, “So you just wanna marry someone who’s rich and Pureblooded?” There was something in her tone that suggested skepticism.... more
    • I'm gonna need a translation - Marley, Wed Mar 29 01:26
      • Or a mediator - Claudia, Thu Mar 30 05:29
        For just a moment, Claudia optimistically believed they were beginning to get back on track, but then Marley had to take offense at her use of the word ‘fine’ and they were back to square one.... more
        • Or a distraction - Marley, Fri Mar 31 22:32
          Marley had heard about the witch-hunts and stuff like that, but she didn't think it was really relevant. Obviously not all Muggles would be quick to get on with wizards, and vice-versa too (as was... more
          • Or a brief break - Claudia, Sat Apr 1 16:31
            Claudia wasn’t sure exactly what she was feeling. She was disappointed with Marley for not being able to sway in her point of view, and she was frustrated that she couldn’t accurately convey her own... more
            • And a small loop back to the beginning - Marley, Sat Apr 1 23:23
              As she waited for Claudia to say something, Marley attempted to put their argument to the side of her brain and focus on this new topic. Knitting. Okay. Obviously there was Muggle knitting and... more
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