Marissa Kendrick and Madeleine Tennant
Dragons in the Lecture Hall
Mon Jan 16, 2017 13:11

Marissa leaned back in her chair while she got ready to listen to the presentation. Usually, the Aquila avoided classrooms when she didn’t have class at all costs, but this was different. She knew that the extra class would be way more interesting than, say, Magizoobotany, which Marissa dropped as soon as she had the chance. Even though Marissa was sure any career in her future wasn’t going to involve animals, she settled in her seat, quill and paper ready to take notes, and nodded at the presenter.

It helped that the presentation was going to be done by the world’s cutest six year old.

“My favorite animal is the Serengeti Miniature Dragon,” said Madeleine Tennant, holding up a picture of the aforementioned dragon. “They come from Africa and they’re the smallest dragons in the world that we know about.” She described the species’ diet and behavior, her pace speeding up the further she got in her speech. “And they can breathe fire but they’re really nice and they don’t eat people or bite unlessyou’remeantothemtheend.”

The Aquila smiled brightly at Madeleine and applauded. “See? It’s not so hard. You just have to slow down a little.”

Thursdays were date night for Garen and Aaron, and this year, Marissa was the sole babysitter for Madeleine. That used to be Josh’s job, but he ran off to New Orleans to become a bard or something, so now Marissa was the one making a little bit of cash every week. She was, technically, babysitting Drew too, but he lived at a school and was old enough to probably not set stuff on fire. Ten Eleven year olds didn’t need any babysitting. She mostly left him to his own devices, since the two professors were generally fine with Drew being home alone.

“How did that feel?” Marissa asked.

“Good.” Madeleine twirled one of her brown pigtails around her right hand. Stage fright wasn’t a problem for the first-grader during her presentation, but she seemed to get nervous before and after reciting. “It was too fast?” She stepped off the dais and walked over to Marissa’s desk.

“Not when you started,” Marissa shrugged, “But you’ve gotta slow down. You just speed up the longer you talk!” She grinned teasingly. “You gotta be careful or some theater director is gonna make you practice slowing down by making you talk with a wine cork in your mouth.”

Madeleine giggled. “No Dad wouldn’t!”

Marissa leaned out of her seat and grabbed Madeleine to her, tickling the first grader. “You ready to try again? Are you gonna slow down?”

“Yes yes, stop, yes!!” she shrieked, laughing and trying to wiggle out of Marissa’s grasp.

Before Madeleine made it back to the dais, the door opened and in walked another RMI student. Marissa blinked her green eyes, very surprised that someone else was in a classroom on Thursday evening. Did they not have a life or something?

“Well, hi there,” the redhead greeted their guest, “Looks like you’re late for class. Take a seat; Madeleine here is going to teach us about tiny dragons.”

    • And apparently a pair of princesses as well! - Brynjolf Nilssen, Mon Jan 16 17:01
      Brnyjolf wasn't panicking. Absolutely not. It wasn't that he was the older set in the beginner class, nor was it the majority of the school work he’d yet to do and was sure he'd be able to take care... more
      • Actually, we're the dragons - Marissa and Madeleine, Sat Jan 21 12:41
        Marissa chuckled and picked up her quill, turning it in her fingers. She didn’t mention the fact that Spellwork was taught by Madeleine’s Aaron-Dad, and she waited to see if the girl would notice... more
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