Brynjolf Nilssen
And apparently a pair of princesses as well!
Mon Jan 16, 2017 17:01

Brnyjolf wasn't panicking. Absolutely not. It wasn't that he was the older set in the beginner class, nor was it the majority of the school work he’d yet to do and was sure he'd be able to take care of in no time. No Bryn wasn't panicking because of his academics. Those of course were mostly untouched and quite simply grade A. It was more simply the fact that it was a few weeks into the semester and the Draco had yet to make a fuss of things.

Normally, that was quite easy. Turning something that seemed simple into a big fuss just because it was him. But those kind of actions just seemed forced now. Bryn couldn't lie and say that it didn't worry him any, or that he was desperately trying to figure out some big to do. But simply put, he wasn't panicking. He still had the entire school year ahead of him to make a big deal out of something, but what?

It was the question that was currently keeping him from enjoying his Thursday evening. He’d been in the library, trying to study, but it seemed that every noise grated on his ears. It was the same in the common room and anywhere he had gone so far. Even his own room proved too much of a distraction. With an aggravated sigh, the Draco closed his book in irritation, shoving it in a bag and slinking out into the halls of RMI.

He wandered for a bit, watching other students pass by, keeping to himself for the most part. He was cordial to the people he knew, offering a nod and half-hearted wave. He couldn't remember the last time he hadn't been able to think of a harmless to do. It was rough enough just trying to keep above the swarm of new students, let alone keep his cool factor against people like Emmett and Wyatt and all the other upperclassmen. He was just trying to stand out for once.

On his way past the lecture hall, the Nordic boy heard a high pitch squeal and laughter. He paused before poking his head in. Marissa Kendrick was there, along with a younger girl. If Bryn recalled correctly, it was Garden Tennant's child - or something like that, he didn't really know. He’d had some interaction with her before, but it was really just in passing when she was in third year and he was in first. He’d heard rumors about her although he wasn't inclined to listen to gossip no matter if he thought it was true or not.

Before he could back out, Marissa caught sight of him. Confusion lit his face at the mention of class. It was a Thursday, was Marissa crazy (besides what he'd heard that proved the idea)? But he couldn't help but grin at the idea of the tiny girl teaching them about tinier tiny dragons. He nodded, fully entering the hall and moving to sit down. “Tiny dragons, huh?” He questioned, pulling out writing utensils and setting them out to mirror Marissa’s parchment. “Sounds more exciting than the Spellwork assignment I had.”

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    Marissa leaned back in her chair while she got ready to listen to the presentation. Usually, the Aquila avoided classrooms when she didn’t have class at all costs, but this was different. She knew... more
    • And apparently a pair of princesses as well! - Brynjolf Nilssen, Mon Jan 16 17:01
      • Actually, we're the dragons - Marissa and Madeleine, Sat Jan 21 12:41
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