Ruben Lundqvist
Already did that, but thanks for offering
Sat Aug 12, 2017 14:29

The announcement of a weirdly secretive, mandatory class had been unexpected and unwanted. However, what had happened before this class (literally right before, Ruben reflected as he sauntered down the hall) had been far more unexpected. Not unwanted, since he hadn’t known he’d wanted it until it was happening. But very much enjoyable. Almost enough that he wasn’t too annoyed at having his free period taken up by - whatever this class was supposed to be. Neither was he too annoyed at having had no time to wash his hair post-workout. A little grossed out by the sweaty feel, which was why it was now swinging off his neck in a ponytail, but totally content at the recent memory of Marissa’s fingers in it.

Entering the room with more than his usual amount of swagger, it took him walking down more than a few steps before realizing that his sleeveless hoodie was still unzipped. Meh. Ruben tugged the zipper up to about his navel, but left the rest open, his abs still feeling the need to air out after all that recent planned-and-unplanned exercise. He flopped down into an open seat beside Kaye and flashed her a cocky grin. “So, what did you have for lunch? I did not eat a full meal today; working out instead,” he gestured unnecessarily at his outfit. “But I had extra dessert.” And the grin was now a smirk.

The way that Ruben tended to interact with girls (and Holland) was usually interpreted as flirtatious (because it was). Running into Marissa while he was coming in from his strength routine in the campus forest, it had only made sense to play this up a bit. Still, he’d been surprised when his joking “Sorry to cut this short, but I should clean up before class. Unless you want to come along?” had been taken seriously. Marissa followed him in, the change-rooms were empty (not that he cared too much but he supposed he was glad for it now). Mouth things happened, which he had been less surprised by at that point, but then a lot of other things happened, too.

Apparently sex was on everyone’s minds today, whether they wanted it or not. The substitute teacher, whose name Ruben had not bothered to learn for obvious reasons: a) not taking Cultural Studies and b) not caring, apparently fell in the second category. As the man’s evasive explanation dragged on, he elbowed Kaye. “What would you like to bet that he has never had sex before?” he whispered with an exaggerated eye-roll. “I mean…” He waved at the diagrams. “Who uses pictures to avoid saying pe--”

Ruben was cut off by the loud arrival of the lady professor, whose name he also had not bothered to learn for similarly obvious reasons. Her seizing of a cookie plate made him realize that he’d missed out - the cookies hadn’t been passed by him after his late arrival. His lunch-deprived stomach grumbled a reminder for the nth time that he normally ate after his workout and hadn’t done that today. Sigh. At least her stomping around and waving pictures of diseased bits at the front was a good distraction. The Swede seized the opportunity to casually wiggle a finger into the pocket of Danny’s weird pyjama-coat, which Kaye was wearing, and try to sneak out his lighter, which Kaye had stolen from him a couple weeks back.

Hah! Success!

Smirk widening, he curled his fist around the lighter and gave Emmett a cheeky wave as the younger boy came to sit by him. He suspected Kaye wasn’t so happy about their partner re-assignment, not that Ruben was exactly ‘happy’ either, but this was going to be fantastic. Wasn’t Emmett one of Marissa’s exes or something? The idiot had probably never gotten as far with her as Ruben had. Unintentionally, no less.

The grumpiness of Emmett’s mood today was laughable. (Which wasn’t too different from how Ruben usually viewed him, to be fair.) Indeed, Ruben laughed out loud at the suggestion. “What, you will trust me enough to care for our baby-” he emphasized the word mockingly “-but not enough to be around me yourself? Are you saying that you are even more fragile than a baby?” Ruben suggested, highly amused. “Or are you just the type of person who will sacrifice such a very tiny, innocent, ah,” what other adjectives worked? “helpless, squishy human? Both options are fine to me.” The box conveniently came around then and Ruben raised a thick eyebrow at Emmett, equal parts challenging and curious to see if the other boy would actually pick up the doll first.

  • FML - Emmett Lawrence, Sat Aug 12 11:38
    Emmett had not expected to have a fun time with any sort of project that was so mandatory that people who didn’t even take the class had to do, but as soon as the intentions of the lesson were clear, ... more
    • Already did that, but thanks for offering - Ruben Lundqvist, Sat Aug 12 14:29
      • She isn't my life - Emmett , Tue Aug 15 15:52
        Emmett rolled his eyes so hard he almost saw his brain. He made certain it was an obvious eye roll, too, because he wanted Ruben to know how dumb and unfunny he was, but Emmett was also dumb and... more
        • No surprise there - Ruben, Wed Aug 16 20:30
          “Just touch her so” blah blah blah, something about names, he didn’t care enough to listen past that point. Fan, that line had a lot of possibilities for a follow-up. Ruben was vaguely tempted to go... more
          • What does that even mean? - Emmett, Sat Aug 19 14:57
            Okay, ew. Ruben was being gross out of nowhere (or not really out of nowhere, because he was gross.) Even Emmett picked up the implication, and while he was glad that the person Ruben alluded to used ... more
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