Camilla Baird
Sat Aug 12, 2017 20:35

Why did she had to attend a class she didn't take? She had dropped the damn class for a reason and the fact that she had to go to a mandatory class did not bode well with the Cetus. Why? Why did she had to sacrifice her free time to attend a lecture that didn't interest her? What if she eighteen year old had something important to do? Like a doctor's appointment? Or a hair appointment up in Pearl Street? Professor Blair was not being just to anyone involved in this stupid scheme to give them more work. The blonde was in a Mood by the time she entered the classroom and took a seat far away from the front. All she wanted was be over with this as soon as possible.

Camilla got as comfy as she could in her seat and opened her bag to fish out a smaller bag that contained an assortment of nail polishes and a small manicure kit. If she was going to waste hours of her time in a stupid mandatory class she was going to make the best of it. Maybe she would even look for her tweezers and work on her eyebrows a bit too. The Cetus usually had her nails done by a professional up in Pearl Street, but this compulsory class was the perfect setting to distract herself with her nails. And by Merlin she was going to have great nails by the end of it!

The Cetus began examining the colors at her disposal, a light purple caught her eye, but she finally caught up on what the substitute was saying. She blinked and groaned. This was a sex ed class. Was the school nuts? The professor couldn't even say the correct words of human parts without taking pauses. How could someone think that this was a good idea. Camilla shook her head in annoyance and went back to her current predicament: How to start cutting her cuticles without drawing blood. She silently casted a charm that would mimic water on her fingers and make it soft for her to carefully cut it with the little thingy meant for it.

It had been really easy to ignore the substitute Professor, but when Professor Blair blasted through the door with a child on tow, Camilla had to look up, place her manicure tools back on its little box, and groan audibly at the turn of events. This was not happening.

Her manicure tools were left on top of her desk while she absentmindedly paid a bit of attention to the scary woman in front of the class that was parading around with an infant. The blonde thought the baby was cute, but when the real reason for this mandatory class came to the surface she did everything in her power to not walk out of the class in a huff. She didn't want to raise a doll with someone. She had better things to do than follow this assignment to the end. She didn't even take Cultural Studies!

The blonde haphazardly grabbed her things and moved to where her partner, Holland, was sitting down. She was greeted by a direct statement and she smiled, “How about we just ignore this assignment?” she half asked and half exclaimed as she set her things on top of the table. Her nail polishes and manicure kit were clearly visible in her backpack.

  • Pass. - Holland Keene, Sat Aug 12 10:15
    Kids were great. Holland had young cousins and they were all super creative and enthusiastic and quite a lot of fun for grade-schoolers. Holland had fun-colored hair (today was a vivid blue, with... more
    • Same - Camilla Baird, Sat Aug 12 20:35
      • If we both don’t care, we might NOT pass - Holland Keene, Sun Aug 13 15:21
        So Holland would be co-parenting with Camilla. They hadn’t had much interaction with the older girl over the last six years, as the consequence of being in different Houses and years. There had been... more
        • The blonde could not give a pineapple over this class. She was sure she would graduate even if she failed it, but Holland seemed to care about it. So, Camilla sighed a bit annoyed by this assignment... more
          • That’s a better attitude - Holland, Thu Aug 17 14:00
            Camilla was being huffy. Well, then, if that was how this project was going to go, so be it. Professor Blair had, Holland noticed, paired all the members of their friendgroup with other people. Ruben ... more
            • We´ll see - Camilla, Sat Aug 19 15:42
              The fact that Camilla would be inconvenienced two mornings in a row was making the blonde annoyed by the minute. How was she supposed to take care of the stupid doll and work out? This meant that she ... more
              • No need to be negative - Holland, Sat Aug 19 23:37
                Camilla seemed annoyed by the schedule, and Holland had to suppress the urge to remind their partner that one of the points of this assignment was to make the students aware of the consequences of... more
                • Just being truthful - Camilla , Fri Aug 25 16:51
                  The blonde grabbed the offered schedule and gingerly placed it inside her backpack. Camilla had already seen through it and even when she wasn’t happy about it, there was nothing she could do.... more
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