Holland Keene
If we both don’t care, we might NOT pass
Sun Aug 13, 2017 15:21

So Holland would be co-parenting with Camilla. They hadn’t had much interaction with the older girl over the last six years, as the consequence of being in different Houses and years. There had been that kerfuffle with Marissa and Rose and Ruben last year. Holland had been tangentially involved—the situation, plus some other factors, had led to them breaking up with Ruben—and they’d been mad at Camilla on Marissa’s behalf. Slut-shaming was not okay. But Holland hadn’t directly interacted with Camilla because of that mess, preferring to stay as far away from it as possible. So okay, they didn’t like Camilla very much but they could play nice for the sake of passing sex ed.

Camilla had been giving herself a manicure, which was much more interesting than the baby class, in Holland’s opinion. “Ooh, I like that purple,” Holland said, pointing at the bottle of nail polish. They personally thought a darker jewel tone would look better on Camilla than pastels, but it was a nice shade nonetheless. “Believe me, I am so for doing our nails instead. But they might make us retake it if we fail and I am definitely not here for that. Maybe we could paint our nails and the doll’s, though.” That might not be completely terrible.

Being on the aisle, Holland chose a doll from the box when it floated by their table and plonked the doll on the table in front of them. Then they thought better of the plonking and carefully arranged its limbs into what looked like a natural lying-down position. The doll wasn’t activated yet, but there was probably some kind of regulatory measure to make sure the students didn’t just throw the “baby” in a soundproof box for two months, and such a regulatory measure would probably not appreciate plonking.

Well, that’s unsettling. The doll had no face. “It’s not going to look like this the whole time, right?” Holland said warily, moving the doll closer to Camilla for her to take.

The Lyra assumed that Professor Blair had deliberately paired students in different Houses to make it harder for the students to split caring for the baby doll. At least, that seemed to be the pattern of the pairs Holland could see. If they were working with Danny or Emmett or even Myfanwy, it’d be really easy to switch off, especially as Holland could just go into any of their dorms, put the baby there, and leave. Even better with the boys, who couldn’t do the same to them. With Camilla in Cetus, it would be harder to do something like that, and not possible in the middle of the night if one of them got really frustrated with the crying baby.

“We should make a caretaking schedule,” Holland said briskly, pulling out their notebook. They drew a grid, labeling the columns with the days of the week and the rows with half-hour time blocks between 7am and 9pm. “I’m taking Spellwork, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, History of Magic, Magical Sciences, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy.” Stars, it sounded like a lot when they listed them all out. And they’d also need to block off time for their Animagus lessons with Professor McKindy, although he was pretty flexible about scheduling. Holland chose a blue ink (to correspond with today’s outfit) to represent them and marked X’s during the time blocks when they’d be in class. “If you aren’t taking any of those, it’d be better if you could take the doll while I’m in class. And if you’re taking something I’m not in, I’ll take the doll during that time. Oh, and we should try to split the nights evenly.” Holland would rather not have the baby on nights when they had Astronomy. That would be a pain.

  • Same - Camilla Baird, Sat Aug 12 20:35
    Why did she had to attend a class she didn't take? She had dropped the damn class for a reason and the fact that she had to go to a mandatory class did not bode well with the Cetus. Why? Why did she... more
    • If we both don’t care, we might NOT pass - Holland Keene, Sun Aug 13 15:21
      • The blonde could not give a pineapple over this class. She was sure she would graduate even if she failed it, but Holland seemed to care about it. So, Camilla sighed a bit annoyed by this assignment... more
        • That’s a better attitude - Holland, Thu Aug 17 14:00
          Camilla was being huffy. Well, then, if that was how this project was going to go, so be it. Professor Blair had, Holland noticed, paired all the members of their friendgroup with other people. Ruben ... more
          • We´ll see - Camilla, Sat Aug 19 15:42
            The fact that Camilla would be inconvenienced two mornings in a row was making the blonde annoyed by the minute. How was she supposed to take care of the stupid doll and work out? This meant that she ... more
            • No need to be negative - Holland, Sat Aug 19 23:37
              Camilla seemed annoyed by the schedule, and Holland had to suppress the urge to remind their partner that one of the points of this assignment was to make the students aware of the consequences of... more
              • Just being truthful - Camilla , Fri Aug 25 16:51
                The blonde grabbed the offered schedule and gingerly placed it inside her backpack. Camilla had already seen through it and even when she wasn’t happy about it, there was nothing she could do.... more
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