Wanna get out of here and deal with it later?
Sun Aug 13, 2017 19:39

“Hi, Marissa.”

Oh, no. Oh no, no, no. Marissa was paired with Russell. She was paired with sweet, innocent, kind Russell who showed her really cool new dance moves and was her friend and thought she was a good person. Marissa didn’t think she was a good person. How was she supposed to look Russell in the face right now? The red-head couldn’t figure out how to pull her spiraling brain back to a normal, functioning speed so she could pretend to be Totally Okay and Outgoing and Fine.

She wished this class was happening literally any other time. It was really hard to faze her but this… people were going to find out. She and Ruben walked in at the same time. Both of them could have used some time to put themselves together before they went to class, but that didn’t happen. With how smug Ruben looked right now (please don’t brag about this, I swear to God) while he talked to Emmett, Marissa knew it wasn’t going to stay quiet for long. What was Holland going to think of her? And Danny – what was he going to say? And Rose. Oh, no, Rose, I’m literally the worst friend in the universe. She’d have to talk to Rose as soon as they were in their room tonight. She didn’t want Rose to hear this from someone besides her. If someone had done stuff with Danny, she’d want to hear it either Danny or the other person.

Camilla was right about her. After all that nonsense last year, Camilla was right after all. And working with Holland, so when they both found out about this, they could talk about how terrible Marissa was together.

Really, if the consequence babies weren’t being passed around right now, Marissa would’ve been much more content with her choices. Right now, it just felt like her world was imploding around her.

And poor Russell was stuck with her during this class. She was the prime example of what Professor Blaire was saying not to do, and there was already a baby for her to take care of. Well, a fake baby. Russell couldn’t have gotten a worse partner for this. No, Marissa, stop it. You’re freaking out and you need to breathe, because this is fine. No one knows, you’re okay, just get through this class.

She managed to look up at Russell right as he grabbed and tossed a baby onto their table before promptly freaking the pineapple out. Her instincts kicked in, managing to push away her own panic to help with his. Really, it was the best thing that could have happened. She couldn’t focus on how much she wanted to die in the middle of the room with Russell also freaking out.

“Hey,” Marissa put a hand on Russell’s back and, after a moment, unconsciously started to rub his back, drawing small circles with her hand. She hadn’t even thought about how uncomfortable this class would be for any of her sex squeamish classmates. If it was this hard for her because of reasons, it had to be a million times worse for them. Marissa tried to keep her anxiety at bay, and she ignored the faceless doll for now. They probably both had to touch it for it to activate, and she was not at all interested in making that happen right now. She’d take the failing grade if it meant the both of them could get out of here and calm down. “Do you need to get out of here? You have no idea how much I’d like to ditch this class, too. You’d be doing me a favor.”

Either they would get failed for leaving, or they could come back and grab their unfortunate project once the class cleared out. Marissa was having a mental breakdown, and she wasn’t sure if what was happening with Russell was a panic attack or something with his eyes. There was no way they could be in trouble for needing medical attention. Or a visit to the counselor. She was shaking a little now with how much she wanted to bolt. She’d had anxiety attacks a few times before. The biggest one was before her first game as Aquila’s captain. It’d be irresponsible of the professors not to let them go. Plus, she had at least two family members on staff and a bunch of scary alumni family to back her up if any of the professors really wanted to challenge her. She wasn’t afraid to use that nepotism when it best benefited her. “I bet Garen – Counselor Tennant – will let us hide out in his office for a while.”

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