You Know
Mon Aug 14, 2017 15:22

Kaye feigned ignorance at his claim of possession; Danny didn't care. He barely wore it anyway, and since it now held bad associations - firstly because of the sleepover party or, more accurately, it's aftermath, and now secondly because Kaye was wearing it when they were involuntarily paired to raise artificial spawn - he didn't care if she wanted to keep it. He didn't bother to point out that his name probably was in it (it had always seemed a sensible idea at a boarding school to name his possessions: books, clothes, et cetera), but merely indulged in an eye roll and then moved on.

“Just so you know, I already took a class like this at my old school, so I have zero interest in doing it all over again,” Kaye said. Well Danny hadn't exactly been expecting her to jump up and down in her seat at the prospect of the assignment.

“That's great,” he said with a smile, “you'll know just how to handle it, then.” His optimism was probably misplaced, but he hoped Kaye wasn't really going to leave the whole project to him. Danny strongly doubted Professor Ofosu would enforce participation, although he almost wanted to see him try.

“You don't want kids, then?” He interpreted her lack of interest; he didn't anticipate an answer beyond immaturity. “What's not to love? You get to try and shape a human being into whatever you feel might be most appropriate,” he teased. “I really thought that would appeal to you.”

This was unusual - he was accustomed to Kaye messing with him but rarely had he enjoyed the opportunity to turn the tables on her. In an incredibly unfair turn of events, even that was making him feel off kilter. What if something had happened in Kaye’s last school that made her especially against the assignment and he was being insensitive? What if she was really uncomfortable talking about the whole sex and babies deal and being paired with him was making her genuinely miserable? What if - most likely - she was letting him mess with her just to mess with him? He wished he hadn't been paired with Kaye.

“Alright we both have to touch the doll thing anyway,” Danny said, reticent to call it a baby as it was not real nor did it have a face. He raised his left arm, that had until now been resting out of view under the desk, the wrist of which was encased by a watch with a green leather strap and a gold face. It had been his parents’ present to him for his seventeenth birthday, which had occurred a couple of weeks ago. They'd sent it by owl post but Danny had opened it in the solitude of his dormitory. He was very drawn to its aesthetic but it was fancier than the majority of his attire so it had taken him a short while to find a suitable time to wear it. Now had apparently not been that time, but he'd opted for more conservative colors that morning than his usual neon, so the watch went on. He noticed it now as he placed his hand on the chest area of the doll. “When you’re ready, Miss Packman.”

  • What's yours? - Kaye, Mon Aug 14 13:19
    People that Kaye would have happily completed this project with: Ruben (duh), Emmett (dude was really sweet and kinda weird and funny, but also would probably do whatever she said, and that was a... more
    • You Know - Dardanius , Mon Aug 14 15:22
      • Know what? - Kaye, Mon Aug 21 15:14
        Danny didn’t argue back about the jacket, which was just annoying. What was the point of wearing this around him if he didn’t care? Ugh, what a waste of her time. She didn’t know why she wanted to... more
        • Nothing, apparently - Danny, Tue Aug 22 15:40
          Kaye was being even more sullen and unhelpful than usual. That was really saying something. Dardanius was starting to believe that she really wasn’t going to do the project, and refuse to put her... more
          • You know nothing - Kaye, Fri Aug 25 14:10
            The baby had hair. That information was enough to get Marissa to glance over at the tiny thing in front of them. It – she – seemed to be sleeping, which was great news. Most of their classmates... more
            • Shows what you know - Danny, Fri Aug 25 16:16
              “What would anyone really need with a smoking jacket?” Danny chuckled in reply, keeping his voice low because the baby thing seemed to stir a little at Kaye’s voice. He didn’t know what to do with it ... more
              • More than you - Kaye, Sat Aug 26 10:12
                Danny knew some tiny humans, so that was good. Kaye was very comfortable letting him take over most of the work, then. He would’ve been doing so anyway, because she didn’t care about this, but it... more
                • So's your face - Danny, Sat Aug 26 16:03
                  There were inevitably some other time commitments they would need to negotiate, like Duelling Club, and Danny didn’t know whether Kaye had any regular extra-curricular activities at school or off... more
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