Marissa and Madeleine
Actually, we're the dragons
Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:41

Marissa chuckled and picked up her quill, turning it in her fingers. She didn’t mention the fact that Spellwork was taught by Madeleine’s Aaron-Dad, and she waited to see if the girl would notice Bryn’s hint that Professor McKindy assigned boring work. From what she knew, Madeleine didn’t think that Aaron was any kind of boring.

Fortunately, the implication seemed to go right over the little girl’s head. The reference to one of her parents’ classes did not. “Oh is it the one with the water-repelling charm?” Madeleine said. “We were talking about it, I said we could use it if we wanted to go for a walk and it was raining then we could use it on Circe so she wouldn’t get wet and she could still come for the walk. Aaron-Dad said that would be worth full credit,” Madeleine concluded, looking pleased with herself. “Circe is our new cat,” she added, in case this complete stranger did not know the family’s cat’s name was Circe.

Marissa grinned and glanced over at the younger student. He was very lucky that Madeleine didn’t notice that he basically called Aaron boring. Having the cutest little kid in the world angry at you was absolutely terrible. She turned her green-eyed gaze back to the kid and nodded encouragingly. “Alright, Madeleine, you’ve got two students this time. Remember, you’re gonna talk slower and breathe, okay?”

“Okay.” Madeleine skipped back onto the dais and then started her introduction, making a visible effort to slow down as she talked. Once she had finished talking about how the Serengeti Miniature Dragons were her favorite animal, she continued.

“They live all over Africa but the biggest reserve is in South Africa. They have to live where it’s really hot because they’re super sensitive to the cold and or else they would freeze. They usually scavenge for food but if they have to hunt they’ll eat little birds and like rabbits and stuff that size. They only get about this tall—” Madeleine indicated a height about the size of a standard poodle, “—so they can only hunt small things.”

She looked at Marissa for encouragement. Marissa nodded proudly and gave Madeleine a thumbs up. “Serengeti Miniature Dragons mate for life and they live in little family groups sometimes, which most dragons don’t do. A litter of dragon eggs is called a clutch and their clutches are usually four eggs but the biggest clutch we know about was six. Their eggs are tan and they’re like this big.” Madeleine held up her cupped hands to indicate an item slightly smaller than an ostrich egg.

“And they can breathe fire but they’re actually nice and they don’t eat people or bite unless you’re mean to—unless they get provoked.” She took a deep breath. “The end.” There was a beat of silence, and then she said “Okayhowwasit?” all in a rush, looking expectantly at Marissa and the other student.

  • And apparently a pair of princesses as well! - Brynjolf Nilssen, Mon Jan 16 17:01
    Brnyjolf wasn't panicking. Absolutely not. It wasn't that he was the older set in the beginner class, nor was it the majority of the school work he’d yet to do and was sure he'd be able to take care... more
    • Actually, we're the dragons - Marissa and Madeleine, Sat Jan 21 12:41
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