I still dont care, but okay... lets pass this thing
Mon Aug 14, 2017 23:07

The blonde could not give a pineapple over this class. She was sure she would graduate even if she failed it, but Holland seemed to care about it. So, Camilla sighed a bit annoyed by this assignment and looked at the person besides her. The Cetus gave a faint smile at the person that generally ignored her even when they had a few classes together. Camilla was sure the change from somewhat friendly to completely ignored - though not rude - had to do be a direct consequence of the Marissa thing. In all honesty, the blonde didn't really felt comfortable working with someone from that Gang. She was sure Holland was an okay person, but Camilla was wary from everyone in that group with the big exception of Danny. Apparently all of them were perfect or something and didn't make mistakes. The Cetus felt judged by all of the all the time.

However, she was not going to be rude, and if Holland cared about the assignment she would pull her weight. I take DADA, Spellwork, Ancient Runes and Arithmancy with you, she commented while fishing out her nail polishes again. I take private tutoring on Pearl Street from Monday to Thursday from 5 to 7 and I work-out an hour in the morning before classes. Other than that, I am free. You can make the schedule and ill do what I have to do in order to pass this compulsory thing, she said without a hint of enthusiasm in her voice.

Camilla was NOT a happy camper.

The blonde took a deep breath and looked at Holland, I am sorry about my mood. This class is interfering with my schedule, but it's not your fault. So, my apologies if I am being rude, she said sincerely. Camilla wasn't trying to be friends with Holland, but she didn't want to make herself a new target for the gang she had dubbed The Mafia. It was not a very good place to find oneself. Rose Farnon was a loose canon and Camilla didn't want to get attacked again. She felt threatened enough by being friends with Danny.

Camilla fished out the purple nail polish she had been working with before she had to change her desk. The blonde looked at the doll Holland had grabbed for the first time, I hope it gets a face, because it's seriously creepy.

  • If we both dont care, we might NOT pass - Holland Keene, Sun Aug 13 15:21
    So Holland would be co-parenting with Camilla. They hadnt had much interaction with the older girl over the last six years, as the consequence of being in different Houses and years. There had been... more
    • I still dont care, but okay... lets pass this thing - Camilla, Mon Aug 14 23:07
      • Thats a better attitude - Holland, Thu Aug 17 14:00
        Camilla was being huffy. Well, then, if that was how this project was going to go, so be it. Professor Blair had, Holland noticed, paired all the members of their friendgroup with other people. Ruben ... more
        • Well see - Camilla, Sat Aug 19 15:42
          The fact that Camilla would be inconvenienced two mornings in a row was making the blonde annoyed by the minute. How was she supposed to take care of the stupid doll and work out? This meant that she ... more
          • No need to be negative - Holland, Sat Aug 19 23:37
            Camilla seemed annoyed by the schedule, and Holland had to suppress the urge to remind their partner that one of the points of this assignment was to make the students aware of the consequences of... more
            • Just being truthful - Camilla , Fri Aug 25 16:51
              The blonde grabbed the offered schedule and gingerly placed it inside her backpack. Camilla had already seen through it and even when she wasnt happy about it, there was nothing she could do.... more
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