You're the one that dropped it
Tue Aug 15, 2017 14:59

Rose was her partner for the whole project, which was weird at first, because both teachers had definitely clarified that you needed a man and a woman to make a baby, and their group was almost certainly two girls. Unless there was something going on with Rose that Myffi didn’t know about. But probably two girls. Though a lot of the other groups seemed all sorts of mixed up anyway so obviously the professor wasn’t bothered about that.

Maybe they had adopted their baby. So then Rose being her partner was also good, because Myffi already liked her. Rose had originally volunteered to take Myffi up to Pearl Street but it had been nearly two weeks since she arrived at the school and Rose hadn’t taken her yet, because she was busy with class and work and Quidditch, so Myffi had gotten a little eager and gone up on her own already, but she was totally looking forward to Rose showing her around properly. Although now they would have to take their weird creepy baby with them, by the sounds of it.

Myfanwy was still watching the doll with disgusted interest when Rose lifted it up by its ankle, and then dropped it. On its head. And it started crying. “Oh Holy Fudge,” Myffi cried out, as alarmed as Rose had probably been, seeing as how she’d dropped the bloody thing. Instinctively Myfanwy picked it up, the doll thing, that was more like a baby now but also still like a doll, because it was crying like a real baby, and it had a face now, and it looked like a tiny Rose but with a scalp lightly covered with dark hair. “This is most definitely the creepiest moment of my life so far,” she summarised, holding the baby-doll thing around the waist at arms length. “How do you make it stop crying?”

She didn’t have much experience with babies. Usually when she saw them they were asleep in a pram, or maybe crying in the post office but then it really wasn’t her problem to deal with. She didn’t have any cousins that she could remember as babies, or any that were old enough to have babies of their own, and her neighbours were old people, and she really didn’t know any babies at all. She thought they were cute but she had literally no idea how to look after one. Now she had to look after one for two whole months? At a new school with new classes and new people and everything. Good gosh this was horrific.

  • Admitting your weakness already? - Rose Farnon, Mon Aug 14 18:43
    Marissa was less than on time to the mandatory Cultural Studies lesson which had left Rose Farnon sitting next to Unpronouncable Welsh Name Owen and pointedly ignoring that fact. She hadn’t spoken to ... more
    • You're the one that dropped it - Myfanwy, Tue Aug 15 14:59
      • That was surprise, not weakness - Rose, Thu Aug 17 12:57
        “Bottle?” Rose said weakly, in response to the baby crying and Myffi’s somewhat horrified question. “Have we got one of those?” When Dade had been born, Rose had been six years old and therefore old... more
        • SURPRISE! - Myfanwy, Thu Aug 17 15:56
          Rose actually had some good suggestions like maybe she’d been around babies before and knew a bit about what would make them stop crying. A bottle was a good idea, babies had milk, everyone knew... more
          • I won't be got again! - Rose, Sat Aug 19 13:43
            It seemed as though Myffi was more willing to be enterprising about this situation that Rose was, or at the very least was willing to take the opportunity to ditch the crying doll under that... more
            • I'll keep trying - Myffi, Sun Aug 20 16:20
              The baby seemed to settle with the weird fake formula they had been given (Myfanwy hadn’t seen any ingredients on it so she assumed it was just something specific they had been given to work with... more
              • No really, that's ok - Rose, Tue Aug 29 10:19
                ”Is it because your Mum died having a baby?” Rose looked up from the fake baby and stared at Myffi blankly. What did that have to do with anything? Admittedly, childbirth wasn’t the safest process,... more
                • Well if you're sure - Myffi, Wed Aug 30 08:09
                  Rose said she wanted a career and that made sense, and it was also one of the first three reasons Myfanwy had thought of for a person not wanting a baby. Obviously it was possible to have a career... more
                  • Cross my heart - Rose, Wed Aug 30 09:30
                    Myffi agreed offhandedly to watching the baby when Rose was busy, which the sixth year actually felt mildly guilty about, to her surprise. She suspected that Myffi didn’t understand how much of... more
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