She isn't my life
Tue Aug 15, 2017 15:52

Emmett rolled his eyes so hard he almost saw his brain. He made certain it was an obvious eye roll, too, because he wanted Ruben to know how dumb and unfunny he was, but Emmett was also dumb and unfunny and didn't have a good comeback. Ugh. Ruben was the worst.

"Whatever," the Lyra grumbled. "Let's just get through this assignment." He could tell Ruben was trying to dare him into something by the oh so subtle eyebrow, but Emmett couldn't follow what Ruben pretended was logic. So he just grabbed a doll from the box - gently, of course, even though it wasn't technically whatever facsimile to life it would be yet - and looked at Ruben expectantly. He hated looking at Ruben because he hated his dumb stupid Ruben face, but life never seemed to give Emmett his way, now did it?

"Just touch her so this mess can get started," he snapped. "Also I guess we should probably come up with a name." Emmett had thought a lot about names for babies for the Way Off Years. Sometimes he talked about it with his sister, who was a far more appropriate age for having babies, although Hestaea wasn't sure if or when she wanted to have any. "My kids at school are enough for how," the elementary teacher would dodge. Emmett kinda thought she just didn't want to do it alone.

If Emmett had kids, he definitely wanted a girl. Or a neither. Just not a boy. It was increasingly likely that the only boy Emmett would ever get along with was Danny, since all the other ones tended to get on his nerves thus far. Maybe a boy who wasn't stealing his life would be okay someday, but a son kinda would be because he would obviously become Emmett's hypothetical wife's favorite. He would already probably be competing with fathers and brothers and that was just too much pressure from the start.

No, a daughter would be better. A Jasmine or a Sierra maybe. And he definitely wanted Avril for a middle name at least, because his mom was great. Of course, he wasn't about to waste his good names on Ruben and some stupid assignment (sorry for calling your assignment stupid, please don't smite me, he thought as a precaution in case Professor Blair-West was reading his mind).

OOC: shoutout to Sophia for texting me Ruben's dialogue so I could write at work. You the real MVP.

  • Already did that, but thanks for offering - Ruben Lundqvist, Sat Aug 12 14:29
    The announcement of a weirdly secretive, mandatory class had been unexpected and unwanted. However, what had happened before this class (literally right before, Ruben reflected as he sauntered down... more
    • She isn't my life - Emmett , Tue Aug 15 15:52
      • No surprise there - Ruben, Wed Aug 16 20:30
        “Just touch her so” blah blah blah, something about names, he didn’t care enough to listen past that point. Fan, that line had a lot of possibilities for a follow-up. Ruben was vaguely tempted to go... more
        • What does that even mean? - Emmett, Sat Aug 19 14:57
          Okay, ew. Ruben was being gross out of nowhere (or not really out of nowhere, because he was gross.) Even Emmett picked up the implication, and while he was glad that the person Ruben alluded to used ... more
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