No surprise there
Wed Aug 16, 2017 20:30

“Just touch her so” blah blah blah, something about names, he didn’t care enough to listen past that point.

Fan, that line had a lot of possibilities for a follow-up. Ruben was vaguely tempted to go the more wholesome route at first, leaning towards a withering “Have you still not learned from your oh-so-very-good-friend that assigned genders are crap?” paired with a scornful eyebrow or two to indicate how he and Holland had dated for much less than a year and, look, even he had managed to learn that because, wow, it was something important and relevant to their life and he cared about them, cue a loud scoff for added effect. But given recent events, that wasn’t the most appealing option. Wholesome was boring, anyways.

“Darn,” Ruben mock-sighed, snapping his finger dramatically. “I have already done that more than once today, and you did not ask with nearly the same niceness and enthusiasm as her.” Unable to keep a straight face, he flashed a wide, satisfied smirk. Yup, that was the total opposite of wholesome, just the way he liked it. “Buuuut,” he dragged out, “since you insist, partner.” He reached out to poke the doll’s leg. Although this assignment was obviously dumb and unnecessary because Ruben was smart enough to know how to not get a girl pregnant (...okay, admittedly Marissa had taken care of that today, but it wasn’t his fault she’d jumped him when he was in his workout gear; it wasn’t like he made a habit of carrying rubbers around the school with him) it was interesting to watch how the doll so quickly transformed.

He didn’t pay too much attention to the details of its face. He did note, however, that its hair was long. Not long enough to sit on, and he couldn’t decide whether that was something he didn’t care about or if it was a little disappointing or if it should be unsurprising - could babies even sit properly? Whatever. Its hair was still longer than the average baby. Awesome.

Less awesome was that the doll immediately began to make quiet grumpy noises, or what he assumed were grumpy noises. Whatever the noises meant, Ruben was immediately glad to have withdrawn his finger so soon after touching it, because that meant Emmett had to deal with it. “Tyst med dig.” He stuck his tongue out at it for good measure before turning his attention back to Emmett. “So, names? If you think it is a girl, then how about… Synnöve,” he suggested with a grin, well aware that there were at least three sounds (i.e. literally all of the vowels) which Emmett, as a non-Swedish-speaker, would be physically unable to pronounce. Apart from that, it wasn’t a bad name, though. Bit obscure, but it meant, like, something about the Sun, which was decent.

  • She isn't my life - Emmett , Tue Aug 15 15:52
    Emmett rolled his eyes so hard he almost saw his brain. He made certain it was an obvious eye roll, too, because he wanted Ruben to know how dumb and unfunny he was, but Emmett was also dumb and... more
    • No surprise there - Ruben, Wed Aug 16 20:30
      • What does that even mean? - Emmett, Sat Aug 19 14:57
        Okay, ew. Ruben was being gross out of nowhere (or not really out of nowhere, because he was gross.) Even Emmett picked up the implication, and while he was glad that the person Ruben alluded to used ... more
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