That was surprise, not weakness
Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:57

“Bottle?” Rose said weakly, in response to the baby crying and Myffi’s somewhat horrified question. “Have we got one of those?”

When Dade had been born, Rose had been six years old and therefore old enough to help out (and be interested in doing so), and Connor had just been a year old when Dade was born, so there had been plenty of baby-handling to be done and Rose had done it quite willingly. Now that she was older, she understood it as a coping mechanism in response to her mother’s death; she had made herself as busy as possible. Fortunately, two babies meant quite a bit of busy to happen and it had resulted in Rose having a very, very strong attachment to her brothers. Connor could be a bit of a prick sometimes (more often as he got older, Rose was finding) and Dade was worryingly anti-social, but she cared about them just the same. In a way she very distinctly did not care about the squalling, disturbingly realistic baby doll that Myffi now held. Although in retrospect, she supposed that dropping the thing on its head hadn’t been the best response when it came to their future grades.

“Right,” Rose said, looking around to see if anyone else had got a bottle already. She didn’t see any, although she did see some of her classmates in somewhat amusing situations. She tried not to glance at Ruben to prevent her stomach from flipping again. It wasn’t the time and place to deal with that. “Erm. I don’t see anyone with a bottle.” She could probably transfigure a water bottle or something similar into a bottle, but Rose imagined that was not the response they were supposed to have. They also hadn’t been told what to feed their project - the sixth year felt confident in assuming that they weren’t to give it real food. Overall, in addition to being annoyed by the screaming coming from the bundle of upset in Myffi’s arms, Rose was becoming additionally annoyed with Professor Blair for her significant lack of instruction in assigning this ridiculous project.

“Or it’s nappies, I suppose,” Rose added, listing the other reason she knew of that caused babies to cry. It was probably a fair assumption that the babies had the capability of producing a mess in their nappies, because that was kind of an integral part of babies existing. “But we don’t have spare nappies, either.” Now that could easily be cleaned up by a charm, Rose was fairly certain. Then again, she could imagine why they wouldn’t be permitted to use magic on or near their babies; the youngest students in the room were only fourteen, and although Rose was quite capable at Spellwork thanks-very-much, she didn’t trust her classmates as far as some of them could Banish a chair. So there it was. They were stuck.

  • You're the one that dropped it - Myfanwy, Tue Aug 15 14:59
    Rose was her partner for the whole project, which was weird at first, because both teachers had definitely clarified that you needed a man and a woman to make a baby, and their group was almost... more
    • That was surprise, not weakness - Rose, Thu Aug 17 12:57
      • SURPRISE! - Myfanwy, Thu Aug 17 15:56
        Rose actually had some good suggestions like maybe she’d been around babies before and knew a bit about what would make them stop crying. A bottle was a good idea, babies had milk, everyone knew... more
        • I won't be got again! - Rose, Sat Aug 19 13:43
          It seemed as though Myffi was more willing to be enterprising about this situation that Rose was, or at the very least was willing to take the opportunity to ditch the crying doll under that... more
          • I'll keep trying - Myffi, Sun Aug 20 16:20
            The baby seemed to settle with the weird fake formula they had been given (Myfanwy hadn’t seen any ingredients on it so she assumed it was just something specific they had been given to work with... more
            • No really, that's ok - Rose, Tue Aug 29 10:19
              ”Is it because your Mum died having a baby?” Rose looked up from the fake baby and stared at Myffi blankly. What did that have to do with anything? Admittedly, childbirth wasn’t the safest process,... more
              • Well if you're sure - Myffi, Wed Aug 30 08:09
                Rose said she wanted a career and that made sense, and it was also one of the first three reasons Myfanwy had thought of for a person not wanting a baby. Obviously it was possible to have a career... more
                • Cross my heart - Rose, Wed Aug 30 09:30
                  Myffi agreed offhandedly to watching the baby when Rose was busy, which the sixth year actually felt mildly guilty about, to her surprise. She suspected that Myffi didn’t understand how much of... more
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