Thu Aug 17, 2017 15:56

Rose actually had some good suggestions like maybe she’d been around babies before and knew a bit about what would make them stop crying. A bottle was a good idea, babies had milk, everyone knew that, but nappies though, that was gross. Even if this was a fake baby doing fake things in its nappy there was no way Myffi wanted to be going anywhere near that. She did realise quite quickly that probably wasn’t an option.

“That lady professor said we could get supplies and things from the other professor,” Myfanwy said, not really remembering one professor’s name yet from another and with no idea who the blonde woman had been she didn’t have the tools to be any more specific. She passed the sobbing doll to Rose as she stood, dropping the doll down onto her partner in a way that left little room for the sixth year to refuse unless she wanted their baby to end up on the floor. Myfanwy shuffled out of her chair and approached the front of the hall, where she was able to collect a box of baby things. There were bottles and nappies and also a tiny crib and other things probably like clothes they would need for the next two months. Two months, even!

“Here,” Myfanwy said as she returned, putting the box on the floor next to them and taking out a bottle and formula. “Let’s trying feeding it.” She quickly scanned the short instructions on the fake formula box, scooped some powder into the bottle, cast an aguamenti charm to fill it up, fastened the lid and shook it as directed. “Here,” she said again, handing the bottle over to Rose. She seemed like she knew what she was doing a little better, now she’d gotten over the shock of a doll turning real and having Rose’s face, more or less (which was probably enough to warrant dropping the poor thing on its head. Hopefully the professor would think so too if it came to that). Perhaps Rose had babies that she looked after, like brothers or sister or cousins or - no wait, Holland had said that Rose had brothers. If they were younger brothers, like in first year now or something, maybe she had helped when they were babies although that would have been quite a long time ago.

“I’ve never even been around babies,” Myffi thought it appropriate to say when there was a lull in the wailing. “Not since I was one. Don’t worry I’m going to try really hard on this project,” she said, in what she was sure was a reassuring voice, “but just so you know I’m an amateur. I haven’t got a clue.”

  • That was surprise, not weakness - Rose, Thu Aug 17 12:57
    “Bottle?” Rose said weakly, in response to the baby crying and Myffi’s somewhat horrified question. “Have we got one of those?” When Dade had been born, Rose had been six years old and therefore old... more
    • SURPRISE! - Myfanwy, Thu Aug 17 15:56
      • I won't be got again! - Rose, Sat Aug 19 13:43
        It seemed as though Myffi was more willing to be enterprising about this situation that Rose was, or at the very least was willing to take the opportunity to ditch the crying doll under that... more
        • I'll keep trying - Myffi, Sun Aug 20 16:20
          The baby seemed to settle with the weird fake formula they had been given (Myfanwy hadn’t seen any ingredients on it so she assumed it was just something specific they had been given to work with... more
          • No really, that's ok - Rose, Tue Aug 29 10:19
            ”Is it because your Mum died having a baby?” Rose looked up from the fake baby and stared at Myffi blankly. What did that have to do with anything? Admittedly, childbirth wasn’t the safest process,... more
            • Well if you're sure - Myffi, Wed Aug 30 08:09
              Rose said she wanted a career and that made sense, and it was also one of the first three reasons Myfanwy had thought of for a person not wanting a baby. Obviously it was possible to have a career... more
              • Cross my heart - Rose, Wed Aug 30 09:30
                Myffi agreed offhandedly to watching the baby when Rose was busy, which the sixth year actually felt mildly guilty about, to her surprise. She suspected that Myffi didn’t understand how much of... more
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