What does that even mean?
Sat Aug 19, 2017 14:57

Okay, ew. Ruben was being gross out of nowhere (or not really out of nowhere, because he was gross.) Even Emmett picked up the implication, and while he was glad that the person Ruben alluded to used feminine pronouns, he couldn’t help but give a small glance in Kaye’s direction. Sigh. She could do so much better. But that whole thing was more than Emmett wanted to think about, so… whatever. Moving on.

His disdain for his partner (gross) was momentarily lost as the baby came to “life”, adapting their features. The longish hair was Ruben, which was annoying, but Emmett did think that was his facial features he was seeing. (Poor kid.) He was glad it seemed, in his opinion, that the baby took more after him than Ruben overall, at least. He was winning the genetic-presenting part of this. It was weird to see his DNA pseudo-fused with another dude’s, but overall, that was honestly probably the least weird part of this whole assignment.

She made some kind of noise, so Emmett bounced her with gentle nervousness as Ruben suggested… what was that name? How did those sounds even work? “Y’know what? That’s fine,” He couldn’t say it, but it did sound pretty cool. He’d just call her Sonny for short or something. “Just show me how to spell it.” He paused briefly. “She’s getting my last name, though. I’ll compromise on a hyphen, but Lawrence is going in there somewhere. And I’ll pick the middle name.”

  • No surprise there - Ruben, Wed Aug 16 20:30
    “Just touch her so” blah blah blah, something about names, he didn’t care enough to listen past that point. Fan, that line had a lot of possibilities for a follow-up. Ruben was vaguely tempted to go... more
    • What does that even mean? - Emmett, Sat Aug 19 14:57
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