We´ll see
Sat Aug 19, 2017 15:42

The fact that Camilla would be inconvenienced two mornings in a row was making the blonde annoyed by the minute. How was she supposed to take care of the stupid doll and work out? This meant that she would need to research specific motherhood charms to make it easier for her to go about her daily life without much interruption. She took a deep breath, “Sure, sounds like a plan,” she responded. “However, I would greatly appreciate if you reminded me about the switch off,” she finished. It was easy for the Cetus to forget about things that didn't really interest her, and this was fast forwarding into that simple, yet, complicated category. Camilla had no interest in passing this class. She would graduate either way.

As Holland gave her instructions on how to wake the doll up, Camilla finally looked around the classroom and saw the different pairs working together. They were interesting. For a few minutes she took everyone in before looking down at the doll on the desk. It was very creepy. She grimaced and touched it just as Holland had instructed her. The doll instantly transformed into a more well formed baby.

This was much better.

The doll had sprouted brown, curly hair and it had her eyes. Well, it was a she. Camilla looked closely at it and poked it. The doll moved its little head towards her and smiled? Huh. The blonde smiled back, but left her there doing weird baby movements. The Cetus had no idea what was happening since she had been exposed to a baby not so long when when her baby brother had been born a few months ago.

Camilla stared down at the baby until Holland came back with everything they needed. As soon as the younger classmates arrived with everything, she looked at them, “I guess we have a daughter,” she claimed not super enthusiastically. “It, I mean her, needs a name. We should name her,” she offered as helpfully as she could in order to show mild interest in this project.

  • That’s a better attitude - Holland, Thu Aug 17 14:00
    Camilla was being huffy. Well, then, if that was how this project was going to go, so be it. Professor Blair had, Holland noticed, paired all the members of their friendgroup with other people. Ruben ... more
    • We´ll see - Camilla, Sat Aug 19 15:42
      • No need to be negative - Holland, Sat Aug 19 23:37
        Camilla seemed annoyed by the schedule, and Holland had to suppress the urge to remind their partner that one of the points of this assignment was to make the students aware of the consequences of... more
        • Just being truthful - Camilla , Fri Aug 25 16:51
          The blonde grabbed the offered schedule and gingerly placed it inside her backpack. Camilla had already seen through it and even when she wasn’t happy about it, there was nothing she could do.... more
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