No need to be negative
Sat Aug 19, 2017 23:37

Camilla seemed annoyed by the schedule, and Holland had to suppress the urge to remind their partner that one of the points of this assignment was to make the students aware of the consequences of unprotected heterosexual sex. A baby wouldn’t fit neatly into your pre-existing schedule regardless of what it was; you had to make sacrifices to deal with your new responsibilities. Holland could already tell, looking at their schedule, that they’d be losing make-up, homework, and free time, and they weren’t especially pleased about it either, but that was how things went when you were responsible for a small human.

They assured Camilla that yes, they could remind her of the trade-offs (after all, it was in their best interest to do that) and made her a copy of the schedule as well. The pair would probably need to establish switch-off locations, but that could wait.

By the time Holland returned to the table, Camilla had activated the doll and identified it as AFAB. They had an automatic urge to remind Camilla that just because the doll had “girl parts” didn’t mean it was necessarily a girl. But then Holland reminded themself that the doll didn’t have human intelligence and wouldn’t be able to identify itself either way, so the Gender Conversation didn’t have to happen right now.

To probably no one’s surprise, Holland had a preference for gender-neutral names. They weren’t completely opposed to choosing a baby name that was clearly feminine- or masculine-coded, but if Holland had kids they got to choose the names for, they would want to pick a name that worked either way, just in case. It would be easier for the kid to transition if he or she or they weren’t cisgender. Holland liked the names Rowan and Jules. Although it was probably a moot point because it seemed likely that if Holland became a parent (and the sixteen-year-old was fairly indifferent on that front for now) it would be via adoption, and the child would already come with a name, absolving Holland of the choice.

That said, this “baby” was not even real and would not age beyond five months, so Holland could compromise on the imposed binaries of name choice. Also, why waste the baby names they liked by associating them with this doll? So. Were there any names they liked but wouldn’t use for real? “I like Oona,” Holland offered. “Or Diana. Any preferences or suggestions?”

  • We´ll see - Camilla, Sat Aug 19 15:42
    The fact that Camilla would be inconvenienced two mornings in a row was making the blonde annoyed by the minute. How was she supposed to take care of the stupid doll and work out? This meant that she ... more
    • No need to be negative - Holland, Sat Aug 19 23:37
      • Just being truthful - Camilla , Fri Aug 25 16:51
        The blonde grabbed the offered schedule and gingerly placed it inside her backpack. Camilla had already seen through it and even when she wasn’t happy about it, there was nothing she could do.... more
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