Run away!
Sun Aug 20, 2017 13:48

Marissa hated how self-centered she’d been since term started. It probably helped scare Danny off. The group hadn’t been hanging out as much, for which Marissa felt fully to blame, and she definitely hadn’t checked in on Russell. She was such an ass. Holland told her about what happened at the party while she’d been occupied – which the red-head refused to think about right now – and it sounded awful. She’d wanted to chew out Emmett, but Holland already took care of that; Marissa wasn’t going to push.

Still, she knew that Russell had such a hard time, and she never even tried to find him at the party. Or after. She’d been so focused on herself. She couldn’t call herself a friend when she was being so terrible.

She seemed to be helping, though. And having someone else to focus on was helping her. Marissa continued rubbing small circles on his back, and she waited for Russell to calm, even a little. Did she imagine him relaxing a little? She hoped not; she really wanted to be helpful. She’d done nothing but make a complete mess of all of the things lately. It’d be nice to do something right for the first time in weeks.

He stammered out a few things before landing on coherent sentences. He sounded how she felt. I just… I just want to be alone, I guess. With you, that’s okay... But, uh, we should, maybe, get all of - that - first? I don’t want to, but I want to come back less.”

Marissa nodded, totally understanding where he was coming from. Even if they didn’t end up seeing Garen, she’d make damn sure she talked to the counselor later. The fact that no one had been warned about this class was absolutely pinappled up. What if someone had, like, trauma or something? What if this was a huge trigger for some people? It was clearly a trigger for Russell. She didn’t know why, but he still should have known this class was happening. Marissa would make sure this never happened again.

“We can do that.” It sounded like a good plan. “Here, I’ll carry the doll.” She’d brought basically nothing to class, so she didn’t mind having her arms full. She picked up the doll, which immediately started morphing. She squeaked a little at the red curls forming on top of the baby’s head and pulled out her wand. She muttered a quick summoning charm and one of the boxes of shrunk supplies made its way to their desk. The substitute didn’t seem to notice. “Cool, looks like we can get the hell out of dodge without getting noticed. Lead the way, wherever you want, okay?”

  • I always prefer to flee - Russell, Mon Aug 14 23:15
    Even flattened across his cheeks, a theoretically stable position, Russell could feel his hands shaking. Bony fingers trembled, the tips rubbing over his eyelids, and it was a good thing that his... more
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