I'll keep trying
Sun Aug 20, 2017 16:20

The baby seemed to settle with the weird fake formula they had been given (Myfanwy hadn’t seen any ingredients on it so she assumed it was just something specific they had been given to work with whatever weird transfiguration or whatever was working on the dolls to make them like real babies), so Myffi sat back down into her seat next to Rose. She had remembered right about Rose’s brothers, and also her guess about Rose being young when she helped out had turned out to be right. Nodding along to showing empathy and understanding, Myffi listened as Rose told her about her mother dying. “Oh that’s horrible, I’m sorry,” she said, and she meant that it had been horrible, because obviously it was, but she wasn’t really sure why she was saying sorry. It was just something people did, and it didn’t really make any sense because it had nothing to do with her. Obviously.

The fifth year watched Rose with their baby and she thought that it suited the older girl, actually, even though she didn’t know her all that well. “You don’t want any of your own?” Myfanwy asked Rose quietly, repeating the older girl’s words back to her. She was maybe talking quietly a bit because the baby was settling into having her bottle now, but also having children or not wanting them was a personal thing, really, and Myfanwy didn’t need to shout to everyone else in the room about it. “How come?”

In her mind, half the point of living was to make babies and show them how to live. That was sort of the point of being a person, wasn’t it? To make more people and teach them how to be good people, too. Of course not everyone wanted to do that, which was totally understandable, because having kids was obviously a long-term commitment and some people just weren’t very good at that, but there was always a reason. Like maybe health, or career, or sometimes traveling. Everyone wanted to have kids unless there was a reason they didn’t. Like, it wasn’t like you chose specifically to have children, but you could specifically choose not to. Nobody ever asked ‘Oh why do you want children?’ after all.

Myffi started gently sorting through their box of supplies, looking at what had been provided and wondering whether they would need to source anything themselves. “Is it because your Mum died having a baby?” That would make sense, because losing your mother when you were really young could obviously have damaging effects on a person.

  • I won't be got again! - Rose, Sat Aug 19 13:43
    It seemed as though Myffi was more willing to be enterprising about this situation that Rose was, or at the very least was willing to take the opportunity to ditch the crying doll under that... more
    • I'll keep trying - Myffi, Sun Aug 20 16:20
      • No really, that's ok - Rose, Tue Aug 29 10:19
        ”Is it because your Mum died having a baby?” Rose looked up from the fake baby and stared at Myffi blankly. What did that have to do with anything? Admittedly, childbirth wasn’t the safest process,... more
        • Well if you're sure - Myffi, Wed Aug 30 08:09
          Rose said she wanted a career and that made sense, and it was also one of the first three reasons Myfanwy had thought of for a person not wanting a baby. Obviously it was possible to have a career... more
          • Cross my heart - Rose, Wed Aug 30 09:30
            Myffi agreed offhandedly to watching the baby when Rose was busy, which the sixth year actually felt mildly guilty about, to her surprise. She suspected that Myffi didn’t understand how much of... more
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