Zoey Ludlow
I couldn't agree more!
Thu Aug 24, 2017 23:33

"But, look here, Jacob. This line. 'Beneath the moon, a row of small lights, rippling glides.' Don't you think it just fits?"

There was a pause as the younger Draco took her copy of Rocky Voices, the newspaper rustling. "Huh. You might be on to something. It draws a distinct parallel to sea burials. And the nostalgia--"

"It's my poem, guys. I promise, it's literally just about city reflections at night and stuff."

"You're never that literal, though, you've got to admit it!"

"...Why do you always try to find death in my poetry?"

Her response was interrupted by Jacob's loud shushing. Looking down from their cluster of seats in the approximate middle of the room, Zoey saw that Professor Ofosu was moving to start the class and perked up immediately. She and Saad both took Cultural Studies regularly, but this was the first time since third year (her fourth) that they'd been joined by Jacob. It was gonna be fun, she was sure!

Pretty quickly, however, she found herself wishing that she could return to their pleasant debate about Saad's latest poetry feature. Her light eyes darted to either side, confirming that both boys were a bit red in the face, and she sighed quietly, fingers fiddling with the hem of her blouse. The Talk was something that Zoey had received four times - twice from her older siblings, once from her parents, and once from her pastor at the Youth Group social night. (While that was the chronological order, it wasn't at all the order of significance. The first place there went to her pastor, of course.)

Zoey's fidgeting stopped with Professor Blair arrived, because her teaching style was much more to-the-point and easier to follow along with, but she still felt kind of uncomfortable throughout. She knew how sex worked, and she could see the logical reason for this class, but the thought that others her age might be engaging in it as if it was something unimportant and unsacred was... a little sad, really. The strawberry blonde didn't like to think much about sex herself, because it wasn't necessary at this point in her life. Marriage was a priority first, and so far all of the (few) boys she had dated had tried to respect that just as she had tried to respect that they didn't understand it. That didn't make it any easier for her to understand, though.

When Professor Blair called on her, she followed the woman's finger to see her pointing up up up to where Armaan was sitting at the back of the lecture hall. "Bye, good luck!" she chirped to her boys as she stood. Zoey carefully gathered the folds of her mid-length violet skirt to one side before heading up the stairs to meet Armaan. She started to greet him in an equally chirpy manner, but noticed he seemed glum to be separated from his Housemate Ethan, and politely opted to just sit down quietly and focus a moment on smoothing her robes comfortably underneath her until he had recovered. The two boys were really close, so she understood!

Yup, that had worked. Armaan addressed her after a moment. Zoey smiled and let out an aww. "Nugget! That's cute. But before waking up our baby, I think we should discuss parenting roles," she said pragmatically. Real parents had nine months to plan before welcoming a baby into their family, and they ought to make the most of what time they had before waking up their baby doll, too. "I'd like to take him or her to church every Sunday, if that's okay with you. And I'm only willing to raise a baby with my lifelong partner, so I think we should really get in the role of husband and wife. Not in the physical way, of course, but like, both of us being around as much as possible. That way, the baby will have the most stability in its childhood... er... babyhood," she laughed.

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  • Best dad in the room - Armaan Bansal, Fri Aug 18 23:26
    When news had spread about the mandatory class Armaanís first intention had been to skip it. He had better things to do than sit around for a lecture he hadnít even signed up for. But Ethan had... more
    • I couldn't agree more! - Zoey Ludlow, Thu Aug 24 23:33
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