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Fri Aug 25, 2017 16:16

“What would anyone really need with a smoking jacket?” Danny chuckled in reply, keeping his voice low because the baby thing seemed to stir a little at Kaye’s voice. He didn’t know what to do with it when it woke up. When she woke up, he corrected himself. This was surreal. Also Kaye was being almost like a normal person, and that was surreal, too. It did, however, seem like she was starting to come around to the idea of doing the project with him, which was a relief. Danny didn’t mind doing his fair share, but the potential to be woken every night for two months straight was not an endearing scenario, and he didn’t know what he’d do with his bundle of joy during Quidditch practises.

Did he know what he was doing? Danny smiled again, which had to be a record for the amount of times he’s had a positive expression during a conversation with Kaye. “I’ve got several small relatives,” he said vaguely, “but I’m here most of the year, obviously, so I don’t interact with them much.” His cousin-or-something Megan had her baby just after Danny had come back to school, so he might meet the infant at midterm, or maybe not until the summer, by which time the kid would be nearly a year old. He knew enough to understand that one-year-olds did more than this obviously much-younger baby sleeping happily on the desk in front of them. “I do want kids, though. You know. One day.” It was part of the whole package he’d been born into; half the point of an heir was to make a new heir, and so on and so forth, but it was about the only part of the whole scheme about which Dardanius was completely at peace. Small children were cute, and parenting sounded fun, most of the time. Diapers and sleep deprivation aside.

“We can work out a schedule,” he agreed easily, carefully reaching for his quill and parchment to draw something up. “You’re in Spellwork, potions and MagSci with me, right? What else do you take?” He wrote down Kaye’s answer, and also added his other classes - DADA, History and Cultural Studies - as well as his Quidditch practices. “If you think you can handle having her during my classes and Quidditch, and any two nights - your choice which two - I can probably have her the rest of the time,” he suggested. It wasn’t a fair split, but Kaye would end up having the doll more during the daytimes, so Danny wouldn’t mind too much having her for more nights. Besides, of the two of them, Danny was pretty sure he had more patience than Kaye.

“And we have to name her Patience,” he smirked, quietly. “So that when I pass her over to you, I can say, “Have Patience.” Obviously he already had thought about names for his future children - usually when he was wondering why in Merlin’s name his parents had decided Dardanius had been the right way to go - but he wasn’t sharing those with anyone, least of all someone who often took it upon herself to make him as unsettled as possible. Patience was not a name he liked very much at all, but it seemed very fitting for the circumstance. Also Prudence. Or Chastity.

  • You know nothing - Kaye, Fri Aug 25 14:10
    The baby had hair. That information was enough to get Marissa to glance over at the tiny thing in front of them. It – she – seemed to be sleeping, which was great news. Most of their classmates... more
    • Shows what you know - Danny, Fri Aug 25 16:16
      • More than you - Kaye, Sat Aug 26 10:12
        Danny knew some tiny humans, so that was good. Kaye was very comfortable letting him take over most of the work, then. He would’ve been doing so anyway, because she didn’t care about this, but it... more
        • So's your face - Danny, Sat Aug 26 16:03
          There were inevitably some other time commitments they would need to negotiate, like Duelling Club, and Danny didn’t know whether Kaye had any regular extra-curricular activities at school or off... more
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