More than you
Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:12

Danny knew some tiny humans, so that was good. Kaye was very comfortable letting him take over most of the work, then. He would’ve been doing so anyway, because she didn’t care about this, but it still worked out quite nicely. And he was, like, annoyingly nice, so kids probably liked him, too. If this baby thing kept as chill as she was right now, and Danny turned out not to be an entire disappointment, this project would go smoothly.

She made a face at the idea of wanting kids someday. Kids were cute, more or less, but only if you could give them back after a couple of hours. She couldn’t imagine ever wanting kids. That was way too much responsibility. Plus, who would she even have kids with? Kaye couldn’t ever imagine herself in a relationship – even though she sometimes thought about Ruben in less than innocent ways – since no one had ever been interested.

“I take Magizoobotany and Healing Arts, too,” Kaye replied, looking at their class list. It was weird to see how much they overlapped on paper. Danny was pretty busy. Kaye would’ve been busier if the Drama Club was doing an actual show this year. She’d thought about volunteering for some hair and makeup work with Holland, if they were okay with having help, but there wasn’t much need for an extra set of hands for a talent show.

“Sure, fine,” Kaye wasn’t going to have the baby for most nights, so this was a winning schedule in her book. She’d still have the baby pretty much all the time during her scheduled naps, but maybe it’d nap at the same time.

“And we have to name her Patience. So that when I pass her over to you, I can say, “Have Patience.”

Kaye snorted and rolled her eyes. “Of course, a guy with a name as ridiculous as Dardanius would come up with a name like Patience. Fine, Patience it is.” She yawned quietly, and noticed when, after a few moments, Patience did the same thing. Okay, that was kinda cute. Damn it. “We can grab the supplies from the front, then probably peace out once we know who’s taking her tonight. Looks like your girl already left with her baby daddy, so it’s probably fine.”

  • Shows what you know - Danny, Fri Aug 25 16:16
    “What would anyone really need with a smoking jacket?” Danny chuckled in reply, keeping his voice low because the baby thing seemed to stir a little at Kaye’s voice. He didn’t know what to do with it ... more
    • More than you - Kaye, Sat Aug 26 10:12
      • So's your face - Danny, Sat Aug 26 16:03
        There were inevitably some other time commitments they would need to negotiate, like Duelling Club, and Danny didn’t know whether Kaye had any regular extra-curricular activities at school or off... more
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