So's your face
Sat Aug 26, 2017 16:03

There were inevitably some other time commitments they would need to negotiate, like Duelling Club, and Danny didn’t know whether Kaye had any regular extra-curricular activities at school or off site (he didn’t exactly know her), but they had a starting point, which could always be amended or adapted as they saw fit. Being flexible in this arrangement already seemed like one of the key factors in not going stir crazy over the next few weeks. He seemed to remember from previous years that younger siblings or other relatives in the school often got burdened with the babies in lieu of associated upperclassmen having other, existing commitments. Not him, because he was the first member of his family to attend RMI in a generation, but he did wonder whether Claudia might occasionally be prevailed upon to look after Patience. He didn’t often interfere with her life, and she did actually like small children, as far as he could recall. He made a mental note to ask her about it later.

Dardanius didn’t mind the slight on his name - he had been having similar thoughts about it himself. Then Patience yawned, and Kaye did, too, and Danny thought that if Kaye was yawning before she’d even started this project then she was going to be a sleep-deprived wreck by the end of it. Just as well she would only be parenting two nights a week.

Kaye mentioned grabbing supplies and heading out. Danny nodded in agreement, because they had all already spent far too long in Professor Ofosu’s company for one day. He gently lifted Patience from the desk and cradled her in his left arm, where she squeaked and sighed a little but stayed asleep. He almost missed Kaye’s reference to his girl, only registering the implications when he stood and noticed the conspicuous absence of a mane of untamable red hair. “I don’t have a girl,” he clarified, not that he expected Kaye to care, and he actually didn’t mind. If they were going to be spending time together for this project, though (and even splitting parenting between them it seemed inevitable they were going to talk at some point), it would be less devastating for him if Kaye didn’t bring Marissa up too often.

“I’ll have Patience tonight, then,” he said, “and I’ll bring her to Aquila tomorrow before class?” He knew where the entrance to her commonroom was, even if he wasn’t allowed to use it; he’d been friends with Marissa and Rose for years. “You go,” he said to Kaye, “I’ll get the stuff.” Maybe if he made this project as easy for her as he could, she would, in turn, make his life easier by not taunting him about every tiny detail. It was optimistic, perhaps, but during the class she had already been less unsettling than usual. Maybe he was starting to figure her out after all.

  • More than you - Kaye, Sat Aug 26 10:12
    Danny knew some tiny humans, so that was good. Kaye was very comfortable letting him take over most of the work, then. He would’ve been doing so anyway, because she didn’t care about this, but it... more
    • So's your face - Danny, Sat Aug 26 16:03
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