Well if you're sure
Wed Aug 30, 2017 08:09

Rose said she wanted a career and that made sense, and it was also one of the first three reasons Myfanwy had thought of for a person not wanting a baby. Obviously it was possible to have a career and a baby but it sounded like an awful lot of hard work, especially if two people both raising the baby both had careers. And if you were at work all the time you wouldn’t get to see your baby grow up and teach it how to be a real person anyway. Like Mrs Robbins back home was a childminder so she looked after the babies of the people there who had careers but there weren’t many of them and basically Mrs Robbins raised the babies and their parents just saw them at weekends and stuff. It didn’t sound like an ideal scenario. Myffi’s parents had both worked from home as long as she could remember, but not as long as Cledan could remember, because her dad had worked away in London until Myffi was born, but he could use the Floo or Apparate there, so nobody else could know that he worked in London, but when they had two children her parents had decided that was all a bit much, really, especially as Myfanwy and her sister were both then witches in an otherwise entirely Muggle place.

“What sort of career do you want?” She didn’t really know many people who had careers. A job was different from a career. Her Mam had lots of jobs in her life, as a waitress and a hairdresser and a cleaner, but nothing like a career. Her Dad sort of had a career she supposed, because he was an accountant and had always been an accountant, but he wasn’t aiming to progress anywhere and that seemed sort of part of the whole idea of having a career. Probably the teachers at her Muggle school had careers and the doctors she’d sometimes had to visit and possibly the farmers, but she wasn’t sure farming was really a career either because you couldn’t progress much in that. Usually.

Sorting out some sort of agreement about who had the baby when sounded sensible. Myffi nodded that Rose couldn’t take her to Quidditch practise or to her job, which was sort of obvious. Myffi was hoping to get some work herself on Pearl Street but she hadn’t yet, so Rose’s job would take priority right now, as it actually existed. “I take potions, cultural studies, spellwork, magizoobotany and magical sciences” she listed, counting them off on her fingers as she did so, “but I’m not in any clubs or anything yet so I can look after the baby while you’re busy,” she nodded in agreement. “If I get a job too we can figure something out then, can’t we?” she smiled, pleased that everything seemed to be working out so far.

“Do you want to do alternate nights with her, or maybe two nights in a row?” she suggested. There were seven nights in a week and so they couldn’t fairly do the same nights all the time, unless they switched every Sunday or something but that did sound a little confusing. Although Rose also had a roommate, who would also have a baby, and it wouldn’t be fair if Rose had to share a room with a baby every night, sometimes hers and sometimes Marissa’s. “Oh maybe you should ask your roommate about that first and you can let me know about the night-times,” she suggested an amended plan.

“Also we should name her,” because talking about the baby like it was a she was almost as weird as talking about it like it was an it. If she had a name maybe that would be less weird? Or more weird? Myffi wasn’t really convinced but maybe this project couldn’t get any more weird, so it wouldn’t hurt to name it. Myffi liked Welsh names generally but she didn’t want to cause Rose and anyone else any unnecessary trouble so they should probably choose something that was easier for Americans, and probably for Rose, too, to say and spell. “Let’s call her Hannah,” she suggested. “It’s a palindrome.” That seemed a good basis as any to choose a name.

  • No really, that's ok - Rose, Tue Aug 29 10:19
    ”Is it because your Mum died having a baby?” Rose looked up from the fake baby and stared at Myffi blankly. What did that have to do with anything? Admittedly, childbirth wasn’t the safest process,... more
    • Well if you're sure - Myffi, Wed Aug 30 08:09
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        Myffi agreed offhandedly to watching the baby when Rose was busy, which the sixth year actually felt mildly guilty about, to her surprise. She suspected that Myffi didn’t understand how much of... more
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