Professor Arianna Wilson
Who wants to make lucky charms? [Ancient Runes 4-7]
Sat Sep 30, 2017 02:41

Once a week, Arianna and Patrick took their lunch breaks together. Having just returned from their weekly lunch date, the brunette witch was in a good mood. Her husband had picked a modern Japanese place two blocks from the wand shop where he worked, and she now had half a leftover sushi burrito (it was like a hand roll, but absurdly proportioned) waiting in the fridge in their apartment for her lunch tomorrow. Valentine’s Day was coming up, and she was trying to subtly suggest to Patrick that it might be nice to go somewhere fancier than fast-casual for their date on that day. There was an upscale tapas bar in downtown Boulder that Arianna thought she would really enjoy… of course, Patrick claimed that most interesting food was too spicy for him, but perhaps she could convince him…

As the students filtered in, Arianna shook herself out of her daydreams of Spanish cuisine. Goodness, she was very close to starting class late! “All right, everyone, it’s time to start. Come to the front of the room and collect a block of wood for today’s project, then take your seat. Oh, yes, and do take a chisel as well.”

She paced the raised dais. She had chosen to wear high heels with her vermilion robes today, and so far wasn’t regretting the decision. Arianna liked heels. They clicked on RMI’s stone floors in a very satisfying way. “Raise your hand if you have ever cast a Shield Charm.” Most of the hands in the room went up. Although Arianna was certain some of the students must have dropped Defense Against the Dark Arts, it was a basic spell. “Now, keep your hand up if the charm lasted longer than five minutes. Okay, how about ten minutes? Thirty?” She increased the interval until all of the hands in the room had gone down. “As you all know, casting a simple charm is not normally a complicated process. But unless you constantly sustain the spell, the effects of most enchantments wear off within minutes or hours—perhaps days, if it is a particularly good cast.”

Arianna doubted that at this age any of the students could do such powerful spells, although she had heard that several of the upperclassmen were quite skilled with a wand. Or, as Aaron had a penchant for training his students in wandless magic, without one. Arianna didn’t have firsthand experience with that; despite teaching two classes at RMI (and pulling quite a nice paycheck for it), she saw very little wandwork. Arithmancy was largely ink-and-paper, as was Ancient Runes.

Outside of special projects like the one her students would be working on today, that is.

“However, when a spell is placed on an object inscribed with runes related to that spell’s function, the effects can last much longer. These spells can either be continuous, or only activate in response to a certain trigger. Given the right runes paired with the right spell and sufficiently powerful casters, complex magic can last for hundreds or even thousands of years. Those of you who did last night’s reading,” she said, acknowledging those who had not with a sly but not accusatory smile, “may recall such examples as tomb KV62 in Western Egypt. Hence the need for cursebreakers to remove these spells—a job which is made more difficult when the language that the spell was originally cast in has been lost over time.

“While I do not expect any of you to place enchantments that will last quite that long today, you should be able to—depending on your translation choices—imbue an object with a spell that will last at least two weeks without renewal. It is up to you which spell you would like to use.” Arianna waved her wand at the chalkboard, and a list of potential spells and related rune-meanings appeared. “I have written some suggestions on the chalkboard, if you would like inspiration, but please don’t feel limited. I would much prefer you be creative and make something which you would find useful.”

Shield Charm—protection, defense, safety
Lighting Charm—light, sun, day, darkness (reversed)
Cheering Charm—joy, happiness, sorrow (reversed)

“The translations are, of course, the part you need to do on your own. Feel free to experiment with reversals or with mixing different alphabets, although be aware that some of them don’t play nicely with each other, or with certain incantations.” She would leave that for the students to figure out. There was some evidence that Egyptian hieroglyphs and Greek-derived incantations could produce unanticipated effects, and if one wanted to use Mayan glyphs, it may be wise to cast non-verbally rather than use spells with European linguistic origins.

“Once you have decided which runes you will be using, carve them into your wooden block using the chisel. Then say Imbueris before the incantation of your chosen spell. For example, if you choose the Shield Charm, you would cast Imbueris protego.” She cast the charm on the sample carving she had prepared, circling the wood once with her wand on the first word before continuing with the typical wand motion for the Shield Charm. Students would know their spell had worked if the wood briefly glowed after casting, as Arianna’s example did now. “Your grade will be based on your translation, whether the talisman accomplishes its intended effect, and how long the enchantment lasts. Of course, when I have finished grading them, I will be happy to return these to you.” Both because the students might want them back and because Arianna certainly did not want to keep them.

“If you would like to use your books today, you may, although I recommend you try consulting with another student before using a dictionary.” If only because Arianna disliked sitting in a completely silent classroom while everyone worked with their heads down. That was no way to run a class. “When you have finished, place your carving on my desk with a paper containing your name and a brief description of the its intended effects.”

Satisfied that she had explained the assignment well enough, Arianna took a seat at the desk at the front of the room. Now she had time to work on grading those character number Arithmancy papers. And time to plan. She could get a paper menu from the tapas place and leave it on their dining table, or the couch, or perhaps his nightstand. Yes, the nightstand might work. Surely even Patrick couldn’t miss the hint from that.

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