Rose Farnon
I'm not sure about lucky, but my charms are good
Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:21

Rose knew that her friends wondered - sometimes aloud - how she managed to keep up with her schedule. It was, admittedly, demanding; between her job on Pearl Street and her Quidditch (complete with extra conditioning), Dueling Club, and occasional appearances at Agricultural Club (and keeping top marks), Rose was busy. She didn’t sleep much. But it was doable. Last year she had spent time practicing martial arts with Ruben and while Rose would definitely admit to liking martial arts, she no longer liked Ruben so she had stopped doing that. Dropping that had left time in her schedule and, always anxious to maximize her resume-building, Rose had decided to add an extra class. Previously, she had just been taking Spellwork, Defense, Arithmancy, and Magizoobotany but after a chance discussion with Professor Wilson last year, Rose had become curious about Ancient Runes as well. She had done some research on her own, but when the chance to add the class appeared, she had taken it.

Downside, Rampant Bitch was in the class. And Rose had to do loads of make-up work. But it was January and she was finally caught up, having done the very last of it over break and turned it in via owl.

Today the sixth year was running late, having lost track of time while doing some of the rare homework Professor McKindy assigned for Spellwork. Rose slipped into the lecture hall at the last second, quickly taking the first seat she saw in order to avoid too much notice. It was unusual for Rose to be running late, but getting too focused on Spellwork was a consistent problem, she had noticed. Once in awhile her Animagus lessons with Professor McKindy degenerated into a discussion of theory. She always learned a lot from Professor McKindy, and her conversations with him had made her realize that he was actually a lot smarter than he seemed in class. In class, he was fun and usually made lessons fun. He taught clearly (usually) and people tended to enjoy his class. But she had found out that he actually invented spells on the side, which was amazing. Rose had found herself asking him for career advice, although the professor typically referred her to Mr. Tennant to discuss her future. Professor McKindy could be awkward sometimes.

Almost as soon as she sat down, Rose was instructed to stand back up again and fetch materials from the front of the classroom, so she did so. Then Professor Wilson started introducing them to the subject matter being covered today; Rose was smug when she found herself to be one of the students able to hold a Shield Charm the longest.

Overall, the lesson seemed to be very useful. It had actually been pretty consistent, that Professor Wilson’s lessons were surprisingly relevant to Rose’s Spellwork-related ambitions. It was a lot of work to catch up, but Rose was happy she had made the decision to add Ancient Runes. Aside from being really interesting, it would also look great on her applications to university. Since it was her personal goal to get university entirely paid for, Rose needed all the advantages she could get. Fortunately, she had no interest in attending a Muggle school, so she wouldn’t need to prepare for any exams outside the normal international exams that RMI students took. Not that she couldn’t have done it; it was just convenient that she didn’t have to.

Looking for inspiration, the Aquila pulled her Spellwork book out of her messenger bag, which was patterned with paisley owls. She adjusted the collar of her loose grey jumper and opened to a random page: midway through the chapter on advanced hexes. Not that they had learned hexes in class, but they had been studying hex theory before the break. Rose smirked. She wondered if Professor Wilson would get mad if she put a hex on the rune tablet. It could be useful; maybe she could set it up in her room to keep her little brothers out. Although maybe that wasn’t a problem anymore; Holland had confirmed that they had talked to Dade, although they had not mentioned what they’d talked about. Rose hadn’t asked. She didn’t have a problem with Holland’s gender stuff, but the idea of having that happen with one of her little brothers was - well, Rose knew she’d fight for Dade if it came up like that, but she wouldn’t understand. It just seemed easier to her if nothing happened, although she was willing to admit she didn’t have the most nuanced perspective on that sort of thing.

Sidetracked by her thoughts, Rose almost didn’t notice the words directed at her. She looked up. “Sorry, what?” she said.

  • Who wants to make lucky charms? [Ancient Runes 4-7] - Professor Arianna Wilson, Sat Sep 30 02:41
    Once a week, Arianna and Patrick took their lunch breaks together. Having just returned from their weekly lunch date, the brunette witch was in a good mood. Her husband had picked a modern Japanese... more
    • Me! Me! Me! - Camilla Baird, Thu Oct 5 17:44
      Ancient Runes was one of Camilla’s favorite classes. Camilla didn't know exactly why she enjoyed it so much, but there was something absolutely fascinating about the root of magic and the mysticism... more
      • You! You! You! - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu Oct 5 20:30
        “Me,” Ruben returned, smirking broadly, pleased at how quickly he had reacted to the sound hitting the floor. Not pleased in a surprised way, obviously, because he had superior reflexes, but still... more
        • Im glad you agree - Camilla , Fri Oct 6 14:51
          The whole school knew Camilla was not a fan of Ruben. In fact, the blonde was a bit scared of the younger Swede, she really wanted to see him thoroughly and completely embarrassed, especially if it... more
          • Oh, I can never agree with you - Ruben, Wed Oct 11 21:49
            He sighed exaggeratedly when Camilla went around his foot to take her bag back, but didn’t fight it. Riling people up was fun, but he wasn’t in the mood to get kicked out of class, which might happen ... more
            • You just did.... - Camilla, Sun Oct 15 02:59
              The Cetus rolled her eyes in annoyance at Ruben. How could someone be so damn self centered? Camilla honestly couldn't understand how Ruben managed to like himself? She wondered if he saw his... more
              • Hah, nope. Good try. - Ruben, Sun Oct 15 21:28
                Camilla’s reaction did not even make it on the list of possibilities Ruben had expected. Baffled, he glanced over at the maniacally laughing girl, one thick eyebrow arched (which was in equal parts... more
                • Well, I tried... - Camilla, Wed Oct 18 00:41
                  The blonde seventh-year raised an eyebrow at Ruben. Was he for real? He definitely wasn't. Camilla took a deep breathe to calm her rising temper as the amusement faded away with each word that came... more
                  • Wrong direction - Ruben, Fri Oct 20 22:49
                    “I will have you know,” Ruben informed her, taking on an aloof tone, “that I keep my gym bag in very good condition.” This was actually true. He used it for everything - actual gym clothes and his... more
                    • Maybe its the right one - Camilla, Sat Oct 21 16:12
                      It was all fun and games until someone got hurt. One second Camilla was laughing as Ruben fell to the floor with a loud crash and the next second she tumbled, without any sign or warning, on top of... more
                      • Maybe you're delusional! - Ruben, Thu Oct 26 15:42
                        Okay, so he hadn’t managed to Vanish her whole chair. That was annoying. Especially because Camilla was laughing at him and for that she absolutely deserved to be taken down a peg (or chair).... more
                        • I'm a bit crazy, yes - Camilla, Sun Oct 29 23:51
                          A what a rude little pussball. The blonde quickly retracted her foot as the WHOLE LOT of weight of Ruben “accidentally” came crushing down her foot. What was his problem? Apparently his lack of humor ... more
    • I'm not sure about lucky, but my charms are good - Rose Farnon, Sat Sep 30 11:21
      • Then I’ll provide the luck - Holland Keene, Sun Oct 1 01:41
        Usually, Professor Wilson’s classes were a break from practical work. Casting spells in Ancient Runes was unusual, but Holland had brought their wand; regardless of how well their wandless magic was... more
        • Go team! - Rose, Tue Oct 17 12:12
          It was Holland, thankfully. “I haven’t decided yet,” Rose admitted, closing the book and then opening it again at another random page. Shield charms. Uninspired - that’s what they’d been talking... more
          • Teamwork makes the dream work - Holland, Sat Oct 21 21:56
            Rose answered Holland’s question with a question. Fortunately, it was quite easy to distract Holland Keene with interesting, semi-academic questions. “Depending on the spell, an area of effect would... more
            • Living the dream - Rose, Fri Nov 3 10:05
              If there was one thing about Holland Keene, Rose thought, it was that it was very easy to distract them with a question. In general, Holland seemed like the kind of person who thought a lot. Not... more
              • This is the life - Holland, Fri Nov 3 22:43
                Rose cited having brothers as the reason for wanting a muffling charm on her door. “Wouldn’t know,” Holland said, gesturing at themself. In general, they liked being an only child. It would change... more
                • Life is for the living - Rose, Sat Nov 4 16:03
                  In general, Rose was used to spending a lot of time being right. Some things came very naturally to her and some things she spent a lot of time learning, but in general, Rose tended to be right an... more
                  • L’Chaim - Holland, Tue Nov 7 20:46
                    Rose could be abrupt, especially if she got distracted by schoolwork—Holland was fairly certain Rose was the smartest of their friend group, at least in terms of academics (she scored lower on... more
                    • Ul'shalom - Rose, Sat Nov 11 12:38
                      Rose made a face at her paper when Holland described Dade as conservative. She thought that was unfair. Connor was definitely conservative (she was 99% sure he disapproved of Dade’s friend Remington... more
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