Holland Keene
Then I’ll provide the luck
Sun Oct 1, 2017 01:41

Usually, Professor Wilson’s classes were a break from practical work. Casting spells in Ancient Runes was unusual, but Holland had brought their wand; regardless of how well their wandless magic was coming along, they still felt vulnerable without it. Object enchantment was the kind of work Holland really enjoyed doing, so they were happy to collect a wooden block and chisel from the from of the room when Professor Wilson called the class to do so. The Magical Sciences class occasionally did technomancy, and Holland was hoping to study something in that field in college. They liked doing hair and makeup, but not for a career, no matter how often cosmetology was suggested to them. Holland would rather help bring the wizarding world into the twenty-first century.

That said, they were quite pleased with their recent cosmetology work. Not shaving Emmett’s head—Holland had only reluctantly helped with that—but fixing Russell’s hair. All it took was one potion of night vision, a windowless classroom, several shampooing charms, liberal application of a detangling potion, scissors, and a charmed hairbrush. Holland had told him to wash and brush his hair beforehand, but then they had ended up doing it anyway because Russell didn’t do a thorough enough job and apparently didn’t even own a brush. (Holland had fixed that too.)

Holland had also given Russell very clear instructions about haircare, including “wash with shampoo every other day” and “the mouse doesn’t go in the hair, ever,” although they weren’t optimistic about the chances of those instructions being followed. They’d also shown Russell how he could style it, with the caveat that he had to brush it every day and couldn’t just leave it in a bun all the time. Then Holland put his hair in a half updo with a braid on one side, because they thought it looked good that way and they liked doing braids.

Back to the lesson. Holland liked the idea of combining runes and Spellwork, and it didn’t take long to come up with an idea for their room. Bryony Keene had a small assortment of potted herbs on the sill of the big picture window in the Keenes’ kitchen. She liked to use her own herbs to cook or to make things for the shop, but the indoor garden didn’t grow fast enough to harvest that often. If Holland could make a rune version of herbivicus, it could speed up the plants’ growth. It’d be a nice present for Mom’s birthday in April, easy to mail home.

They pushed up the sleeves of their navy blue sweater and retrieved quill, ink, and paper to write down some runes they might want to use. One to indicate the subject (plants), and one to indicate the intended action (growth). Of course, they would need to make sure the spell wasn’t so powerful that the plants became completely overgrown. There had to be a way to make sure the spell didn’t get overexcited; another student doing a similar enchantment might have an idea of how to do that. Holland turned toward Rose’s desk beside them. “Hey, are you doing a sustained spell, or one that needs to be activated?”

But apparently Rose wasn’t paying attention, because she asked Holland to repeat the question. “I asked, are you doing a continuous spell or one that needs activation? I want to do something that runs continuously, but with limits. So I’ll probably need clarifying runes to indicate that that’s what I want, right?”

  • I'm not sure about lucky, but my charms are good - Rose Farnon, Sat Sep 30 11:21
    Rose knew that her friends wondered - sometimes aloud - how she managed to keep up with her schedule. It was, admittedly, demanding; between her job on Pearl Street and her Quidditch (complete with... more
    • Then I’ll provide the luck - Holland Keene, Sun Oct 1 01:41
      • Go team! - Rose, Tue Oct 17 12:12
        It was Holland, thankfully. “I haven’t decided yet,” Rose admitted, closing the book and then opening it again at another random page. Shield charms. Uninspired - that’s what they’d been talking... more
        • Teamwork makes the dream work - Holland, Sat Oct 21 21:56
          Rose answered Holland’s question with a question. Fortunately, it was quite easy to distract Holland Keene with interesting, semi-academic questions. “Depending on the spell, an area of effect would... more
          • Living the dream - Rose, Fri Nov 3 10:05
            If there was one thing about Holland Keene, Rose thought, it was that it was very easy to distract them with a question. In general, Holland seemed like the kind of person who thought a lot. Not... more
            • This is the life - Holland, Fri Nov 3 22:43
              Rose cited having brothers as the reason for wanting a muffling charm on her door. “Wouldn’t know,” Holland said, gesturing at themself. In general, they liked being an only child. It would change... more
              • Life is for the living - Rose, Sat Nov 4 16:03
                In general, Rose was used to spending a lot of time being right. Some things came very naturally to her and some things she spent a lot of time learning, but in general, Rose tended to be right an... more
                • L’Chaim - Holland, Tue Nov 7 20:46
                  Rose could be abrupt, especially if she got distracted by schoolwork—Holland was fairly certain Rose was the smartest of their friend group, at least in terms of academics (she scored lower on... more
                  • Ul'shalom - Rose, Sat Nov 11 12:38
                    Rose made a face at her paper when Holland described Dade as conservative. She thought that was unfair. Connor was definitely conservative (she was 99% sure he disapproved of Dade’s friend Remington... more
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