Ruben Lundqvist
You! You! You!
Thu Oct 5, 2017 20:30

“Me,” Ruben returned, smirking broadly, pleased at how quickly he had reacted to the sound hitting the floor. Not pleased in a surprised way, obviously, because he had superior reflexes, but still pleased with the result. The toes of his sneaker were currently on top of Camilla’s - purse? Bag? Whatever. Not enough to crush it, nor even touching it, really. Just enough to block her from grabbing it without grabbing his shoe in the process. “Why are you even at this class if you can be so easily distracted from runes? What do you have there-” this was referencing the purse/bag/who cares “-that is more important?”

He didn’t actually care for her answer. He didn’t have much against Camilla these days, since after all he and Rose had gotten in some delicious revenge post-the Marissa situation (er, last year’s situation; this year’s did not involve Camilla at all and really shouldn’t involve anyone except for him and Marissa, though props to them for getting the interest of basically the entire school. That was an accomplishment). That said, Camilla didn’t have much going for her, either, apart from the purely physical, and the fact that apparently EJ kind of approved of her for reasons unknown. But, perhaps surprisingly, he did care a bit about the disrespect she was showing towards their shared class today.

Ancient Runes was unique. In contrast to every single other class at RMI, which he had (very truthfully) criticized for being tremendously unsatisfactory when held against the classes he had left behind at Durmstrang, Ancient Runes was one that he had mocked but not actually meant it, or not as much. The effort this very non-runic American society put into understanding runes was laughable, but Wilson managed to sometimes take interesting angles and much of the time left them to their own devices and interpretations, which suited him fine.

Ruben had focused carefully on the basic instructions, quickly determined the minute details were irrelevant, and switched his focus to the block in front of him. Thus he had already reached a decision of how he wanted to work this. He would of course be using the fuþark, having committed to memory back in Durmstrang a small runeset from 300-450 AD which he could complement with the mediocre picto-dictionary in their textbooks, and he wanted to use the tent stylistic format, partially because it looked coolest and partially because it’d be slowest to translate if the other students got nosy.

As for its effect… This was where his idea was vaguer. The blonde was keen to experiment with overlaying, say, a Biting Jinx with a Pin-prick Line, but boundary-based spells weren’t his forte. Not that he would admit it. For this reason, Ruben had refused to raise his hand at all when the question of their Shield Charm casting ability was introduced, because, as he had been too willing to declare when asked, what was the point? Why rely on a shield and weaken yourself when you could focus on something more effective?

  • Me! Me! Me! - Camilla Baird, Thu Oct 5 17:44
    Ancient Runes was one of Camilla’s favorite classes. Camilla didn't know exactly why she enjoyed it so much, but there was something absolutely fascinating about the root of magic and the mysticism... more
    • You! You! You! - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu Oct 5 20:30
      • Im glad you agree - Camilla , Fri Oct 6 14:51
        The whole school knew Camilla was not a fan of Ruben. In fact, the blonde was a bit scared of the younger Swede, she really wanted to see him thoroughly and completely embarrassed, especially if it... more
        • Oh, I can never agree with you - Ruben, Wed Oct 11 21:49
          He sighed exaggeratedly when Camilla went around his foot to take her bag back, but didn’t fight it. Riling people up was fun, but he wasn’t in the mood to get kicked out of class, which might happen ... more
          • You just did.... - Camilla, Sun Oct 15 02:59
            The Cetus rolled her eyes in annoyance at Ruben. How could someone be so damn self centered? Camilla honestly couldn't understand how Ruben managed to like himself? She wondered if he saw his... more
            • Hah, nope. Good try. - Ruben, Sun Oct 15 21:28
              Camilla’s reaction did not even make it on the list of possibilities Ruben had expected. Baffled, he glanced over at the maniacally laughing girl, one thick eyebrow arched (which was in equal parts... more
              • Well, I tried... - Camilla, Wed Oct 18 00:41
                The blonde seventh-year raised an eyebrow at Ruben. Was he for real? He definitely wasn't. Camilla took a deep breathe to calm her rising temper as the amusement faded away with each word that came... more
                • Wrong direction - Ruben, Fri Oct 20 22:49
                  “I will have you know,” Ruben informed her, taking on an aloof tone, “that I keep my gym bag in very good condition.” This was actually true. He used it for everything - actual gym clothes and his... more
                  • Maybe its the right one - Camilla, Sat Oct 21 16:12
                    It was all fun and games until someone got hurt. One second Camilla was laughing as Ruben fell to the floor with a loud crash and the next second she tumbled, without any sign or warning, on top of... more
                    • Maybe you're delusional! - Ruben, Thu Oct 26 15:42
                      Okay, so he hadn’t managed to Vanish her whole chair. That was annoying. Especially because Camilla was laughing at him and for that she absolutely deserved to be taken down a peg (or chair).... more
                      • I'm a bit crazy, yes - Camilla, Sun Oct 29 23:51
                        A what a rude little pussball. The blonde quickly retracted her foot as the WHOLE LOT of weight of Ruben “accidentally” came crushing down her foot. What was his problem? Apparently his lack of humor ... more
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