Hah, nope. Good try.
Sun Oct 15, 2017 21:28

Camilla’s reaction did not even make it on the list of possibilities Ruben had expected. Baffled, he glanced over at the maniacally laughing girl, one thick eyebrow arched (which was in equal parts aimed at her as it was at himself. Being in a state that could be described as “baffled” was not a familiar feeling to him, and he wasn’t particularly enjoying it). Fortunately, his bafflement did not last very long, as Camilla got a hold of herself enough that she managed to use actual words instead of just continuing laughing and slowly de-evolving into some sort of bestial form lacking the ability to communicate. Heh, that would’ve been entertaining.

But oh, okay then. Was ‘chewing’ just another Americanism for…? Apparently so, going off the rest of her sentence. Fan, Americans were weird. Ruben would be the first to agree that biting had its appeal in physical relations, but not even he would attempt chomping down when going down. That sounded like a prime way to get his head cursed off. By both definitions of the word… er, both words.

Your backside, I think you mean,” he retorted, the same eyebrow still cocked at her. “I am asking after your opinion, here. Not that it matters too much, so do not be fooled,” he added, leaning back in a more comfortable sprawl, tipping the front legs of his chair off the ground. “The benefit of being the one to set boundaries is that it is your own decision how to punish those who offend the rules. And that ‘your’, in this case, is me.” Ruben concluded this with a broad smirk, smugly spinning his pencil once across his fingers and around his knuckles before snatching up his paper again to add in a few more scribbles. He had an idea now for how to runically present the fusion of his jinx with a boundary detector. Nothing like some banter-threats against someone he disliked to stir up the ol’ brain. (He still would have to figure out whether the switchkey was placed at the start or end of his runes, but that could be adjusted later easily enough if he had to.)

  • You just did.... - Camilla, Sun Oct 15 02:59
    The Cetus rolled her eyes in annoyance at Ruben. How could someone be so damn self centered? Camilla honestly couldn't understand how Ruben managed to like himself? She wondered if he saw his... more
    • Hah, nope. Good try. - Ruben, Sun Oct 15 21:28
      • Well, I tried... - Camilla, Wed Oct 18 00:41
        The blonde seventh-year raised an eyebrow at Ruben. Was he for real? He definitely wasn't. Camilla took a deep breathe to calm her rising temper as the amusement faded away with each word that came... more
        • Wrong direction - Ruben, Fri Oct 20 22:49
          “I will have you know,” Ruben informed her, taking on an aloof tone, “that I keep my gym bag in very good condition.” This was actually true. He used it for everything - actual gym clothes and his... more
          • Maybe its the right one - Camilla, Sat Oct 21 16:12
            It was all fun and games until someone got hurt. One second Camilla was laughing as Ruben fell to the floor with a loud crash and the next second she tumbled, without any sign or warning, on top of... more
            • Maybe you're delusional! - Ruben, Thu Oct 26 15:42
              Okay, so he hadn’t managed to Vanish her whole chair. That was annoying. Especially because Camilla was laughing at him and for that she absolutely deserved to be taken down a peg (or chair).... more
              • I'm a bit crazy, yes - Camilla, Sun Oct 29 23:51
                A what a rude little pussball. The blonde quickly retracted her foot as the WHOLE LOT of weight of Ruben “accidentally” came crushing down her foot. What was his problem? Apparently his lack of humor ... more
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