Go team!
Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:12

It was Holland, thankfully.

“I haven’t decided yet,” Rose admitted, closing the book and then opening it again at another random page. Shield charms. Uninspired - that’s what they’d been talking about during the lesson. She closed the book again, then let it fall open on her desk. Privacy charms. Okay, that could be interesting. This particular page was discussing Muffiliato, the charm that created a buzzing sound in someone’s ears to prevent them from overhearing something. Rose couldn’t immediately think of a use for that, but it brought up an interesting question. “Do you think that charms with a target would work with a rune tablet?” she asked. “If they were standing on it or facing it, something like that?” That sounded like it could be fiendishly useful, particularly if you could make a small, sneaky rune tablet in front of something like your door. Rose had never caught her brothers listening outside her room, but she saw the merits of booby-trapping it anyway.

“But yeah,” the Aquila realized she hadn’t answered her yearmate’s question. “I’d put some sort of boundary runes on it.” Rose still wasn’t the best at runes so she couldn’t think of one off the top of her head. She’d have to consult a dictionary in order to make her tablet, she was pretty sure. Which was fine. Although she’d done all of the make-up work there was only so much rushing you could do when it came to runes, Rose had realized early on, and she accepted that. To be fair, though, it seemed like many of her classmates resorted to the dictionary more often than not. Ancient Runes was a complex subject that required a disconcerting amount of accuracy.

Rose shifted, skimming the explanation in her spellwork book. At the beginning, in their first and second years, the book had been all about execution of spells, with loads of little diagrams with moving wands. Now, it was full of tiny text explaining the whys and hows behind the spells, with an aside on how to perform them. She couldn’t wait until next year, when Spellwork would turn into individual lessons with Professor McKindy rather than a large group class. Rose couldn’t wait to learn more about spell creation.

  • Then I’ll provide the luck - Holland Keene, Sun Oct 1 01:41
    Usually, Professor Wilson’s classes were a break from practical work. Casting spells in Ancient Runes was unusual, but Holland had brought their wand; regardless of how well their wandless magic was... more
    • Go team! - Rose, Tue Oct 17 12:12
      • Teamwork makes the dream work - Holland, Sat Oct 21 21:56
        Rose answered Holland’s question with a question. Fortunately, it was quite easy to distract Holland Keene with interesting, semi-academic questions. “Depending on the spell, an area of effect would... more
        • Living the dream - Rose, Fri Nov 3 10:05
          If there was one thing about Holland Keene, Rose thought, it was that it was very easy to distract them with a question. In general, Holland seemed like the kind of person who thought a lot. Not... more
          • This is the life - Holland, Fri Nov 3 22:43
            Rose cited having brothers as the reason for wanting a muffling charm on her door. “Wouldn’t know,” Holland said, gesturing at themself. In general, they liked being an only child. It would change... more
            • Life is for the living - Rose, Sat Nov 4 16:03
              In general, Rose was used to spending a lot of time being right. Some things came very naturally to her and some things she spent a lot of time learning, but in general, Rose tended to be right an... more
              • L’Chaim - Holland, Tue Nov 7 20:46
                Rose could be abrupt, especially if she got distracted by schoolwork—Holland was fairly certain Rose was the smartest of their friend group, at least in terms of academics (she scored lower on... more
                • Ul'shalom - Rose, Sat Nov 11 12:38
                  Rose made a face at her paper when Holland described Dade as conservative. She thought that was unfair. Connor was definitely conservative (she was 99% sure he disapproved of Dade’s friend Remington... more
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