Leopold Harris
Time to bring you back down to earth
Sat Sep 2, 2017 14:10

Leopold started the night off pumpkin carving. The idea of gutting something immediately appealed to him however it was soon apparent that despite being a Lyra, Leo was not an artistically talented person.

He’d come to the party as Batman equipped with a cheap mask and a dusty black cloak but had failed to persuade anyone to come along as Robin, nor had anyone asked him to participate in any group costumes. Which was fine. He was totally not bitter. Like not even a tiny bit. Just to prove how little he cared Leo had planned to make a wicked bat signal on his pumpkin but only succeeded in making some wonky looking triangles before throwing the towel in (and giving the pumpkin a few good knocks too).

In need of some consolation, he set up camp at a snack table. Like many chancers, Leo’s favourite part of a party was the free food. He was soon busy trying to see if he could catch chips in his mouth. A scattered pile lay sadly at his feet but Leo continued to toss them in the air undeterred by his obvious lack of success. He had just hit himself in the eye with one when he caught sight of the new girl. Leo hadn’t spoken to her yet and couldn’t actually remember her name. Muh something or other. It was just as he was racking his brain to try and remember the rest of it that he realised she was staring back at him. Embarrassed to have been caught he found himself unable to do much more than awkwardly cling to the bowl of chips he’d been using for his game and try to utter some kind of a greeting. But then she had to go and smirk at him.

“Just as well I brought my own snacks along.”

Ugh. Girls were so annoying. He couldn’t tell if she was just too snobby for the snacks or was passive aggressively letting him know he was a pig for hogging the food. Either way Leopold took an immediate dislike to her. “If you wanted some all you had to do was ask,” he muttered gruffly, shoving the bowl of chips in her direction her.

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    • Time to bring you back down to earth - Leopold Harris, Sat Sep 2 14:10
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