It's only a costume
Sat Sep 2, 2017 16:15

Rose made a face at him. Danny made a face back. They were doing exceptionally well at maturing into young adults, he thought, as they walked together to go carve features into seasonal squash. Admittedly doing it wandlessly with magic might present more of a challenge. Danny’s own progress towards animagus transformation was sporadic: he had some weeks when any spare time made him overthink things to the brink of insanity, so he diligently filled every minute practicing his magic and studying the theory, and accomplished lots. Other weeks he couldn’t settle into anything useful at all, and had taken to swimming more often, running for longer, and only working on the animagus skillset when Patience wouldn’t let him sleep (which wasn’t very often - she seemed to be quite an easy baby to care for, which was probably paramount in Danny and Kaye passing the project and remaining on their tentative speaking terms). Those weeks were far less productive. “Excellent,” he said to Rose. “I don’t think I’m too far off.” It would definitely be better if he could focus reliably on anything at all.

She was probably joking, but Rose should know by now that Danny was rarely one to turn down a challenge, walk away from a bet or otherwise let Rose beat him without trying. “You’re on,” he grinned, only semi-serious himself. Rose had always out-performed him in class but then he knew how hard she worked, so she definitely deserved it. Holland sometimes did better written work than Danny, too, but Danny felt he was better at spells than the other Lyra (at least those needed in class - Holland was obviously better at all the artsy spells they used with some regularity). Dardanius could probably be top of the class but the amount of effort he put into his work was just sufficient to keep him in Os and absolutely nothing more. Why try harder? He was already taking a ridiculous number of classes (six) and Quidditch and dueling club. How Rose ever had time to do anything was a mystery. She even had a job.

Arriving in the designated clearing, Danny picked up a large pumpkin, discarded it because it had a weird squishy patch on one side, and chose one that was more universally rigid. “That seems to be two criteria for one winner,” he said, with the air of someone considering their chances. “I could easily be quickest but it would be terrible. Or I could do the best pumpkin but it’d take longer,” he shrugged, grinning. “So which is it, Farnon?” They hadn’t bet on anything for a good long while. Danny would be happy to bet on her relationship with Emmett but he wasn’t sure that doing that with Rose to her face was necessarily the best idea. He didn’t really get why his two friends were suddenly into each other but he wasn’t going to question it allowed. Lots of them had made questionable choices recently.

  • Not the most accurate of labels - Rose, Sat Sep 2 11:47
    Rose made a face at Danny. He’d mostly made up with Marissa, so Rose was no longer as mad at him, but the point still stood that he should have been less of an idiot when it came to Rose’s closest... more
    • It's only a costume - Dardanius, Sat Sep 2 16:15
      • Or is it? - Rose, Fri Sep 8 10:38
        Rose was a competitive person - it was one of the reasons she did so well in Quidditch - but there was something about Danny Dubois that made her more competitive than usual. It might have been that... more
        • “Style?” Danny repeated with a laugh. “Now you're just skewing the competition in your favor.” He teased, but it was true - nobody had ever accused Dardanius of having style (Holland often accused... more
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