Remington Burnham
The third time will be the charm
Sat Sep 2, 2017 18:04

For once, Remington didn’t have on a bow.

She’d considered, briefly, having a Lilo and Stitch themed bow in her hair. It’s not like the look could be completely accurate. Her hair was all curly while Lilo’s was straight. Still, the second year wanted to try her best to look as close to the movie character as possible, since she’d convinced Dade to do a costume with her this year. If she was going to have a bow for Lilo, it would’ve been themed around the character’s doll, Scrump.

Instead of a bow, her dad sent her a handmade Scrump doll, and her mom had filled it with candy she’d picked up from her most recent visit to Japan. It had lots of different mocha flavors, fancy Kit Kats, and gummy things. Remington was excited to get to share them with her friends. She was sure they’d be getting candy at the school run party, probably, but it would still be fun! She put on the famous red dress with white leaves and sandals, then happily made her way to the party.

It took her longer than usual, though, because someone thought it was a good idea to put scary things all over. She promised to meet Dade at the party, and the Draco found herself wishing they met up before the party instead. She didn’t like going through all this alone! She wasn’t an easily scared kid, but this was stressful. She mostly liked doing scary stuff with other people. She’d done an escape room and a haunted trail before, and that was so much fun with other people. Being alone? Nope, not her thing.

Once she made it into the actual party, Remington looked around for Dade. Everyone had such great costumes! People were so creative at this school. There was supposed to be a talent show after midterm; she really looked forward to seeing everyone’s talents. Remington didn’t she think had any talents. At least, none worth showing. She was good at book facts and research, and color coding things, but those weren’t interesting talents. She was relatively uninteresting, but that was okay. She’d just have to show off her super important talent: being an awesome audience member!

“Dade!” Remington greeted her friend. It didn’t take her long to find him. She just needed to look where the least number of people were. Easy, peasy. “You’re costume looks really good. Thanks for doing this with me.” She reached inside of the Scrump plushie, which was doubling as a charmed purse, and pulled out a small camera. It was charmed to create instant polaroid pictures, but the pictures moved. “I promised Mom that I’d take pictures of the party and other school stuff. Can I take your picture?”

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