Camilla Baird
Bonilla is Crazy, tbh
Sat Sep 2, 2017 18:57

Things hadn't been going as well as Camilla had expected, and they didn't seem to have a plan to get improved in the near future. It wasn't that something terribly bad had happened, things were the same as usual and that was something the blonde had hoped would change. Camilla was tired of everything always being the same for her, which was why she had recently - one or two days before the party - to start taking small risks when it came to her life. She hadn't actually done anything fun or risky, but she had all the intention of starting soon. The party would have been a great place to start, but the Cetus was tired of RMI and its inhabitants. Everything was the same, mostly, and she was bored of it all. There were very few things she would cherish the second she left school and they were Elijah and Danny.

The Cetus had opted to not participate in the Halloween festivities and had offered to pick up Diana from the day care after Holland. Camilla had been busy in Pearl Street taking extra tutoring which was why her partner in the project had the need to drop her off. The blonde was very excited about her tutoring and the fact that her grandfather was, sort of, taking an interest in her, and she had Rose and Ruben to thank for that. Not that she would actually ever do. Even her mother had taken a deeper interest in her since she had learned that Alec Edwards was in the picture, which pissed Camilla quite a bit. She had never understood why her mother had the rooted desire to be accepted by that family.

Anyways, Camilla had just come back from Pearl Street and walked directly to the Outdoor Classroom to find the Daycare tent where Diana was waiting to be picked up. The blonde had played with the idea of just leaving her there for a few hours and take a rest, but the idea of getting comfortable in her room and then going out to pick her up was not very tempting.

The first thing that attacked her the second she entered the tent was the loud baby noises. They quickly became an attack to her ears and Camilla swore off children until forever - maybe not forever but for a long time. Her hazel-eyes quickly scanned the place and found the doll that belonged to her and Holland. She walked towards it completely ignoring Ofuso, but her focus went to Ruben, “Someone doesn't look happy,” she said with a mild laugh. “Hopefully your last escapade didn't end up with something resembling this,” she said picking up, not very gently, the doll that belonged her.

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    • Bonilla is Crazy, tbh - Camilla Baird, Sat Sep 2 18:57
      • Time was passing way too slowly, and there were way too many babies stuffed into one place, and that one place they were stuffed had contained almost exclusively two adults for the entire long-ass... more
        • I have to defer on that - Camilla, Fri Sep 8 23:12
          Camilla had to give it to Ruben that the babies, or the fake babies, surrounding them were creepy and gross. In fact, if babies were a pinch of what these creatures were she had to admit that it was... more
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