Then you can teach me!
Sun Sep 3, 2017 11:06

Marissa managed to give Mave a small smile. She wasn’t surprised that this is who ended up with her at the campfire. There were very few people at Rocky Mountain International that stayed away from the action. She knew that was true of Rose’s younger brothers and Danny’s younger sister. It was the same for Russell, although Marissa liked to think she was helping him overcome that. She’d even agreed to do the talent show if he’d dance with her. Then, there was Mave, who Marissa knew the least, but seemed like he fit into that anti-social category. It definitely wasn’t a label that usually matched Marissa, but things had been weird lately.

Thankfully, Mave explained his greeting. Marissa didn’t know him well enough to know whether or not he was making fun of her. That would’ve been a weird experience for the older Kendrick. No one really made fun of her or bullied her. People always liked her pretty easily. Aside from that time last year with Camilla, there wasn’t much conflict in Marissa Kendrick’s life. She wouldn’t really know what to do with a bully, except maybe ask who hurt them and offer to be a shoulder to cry on.

“Yeah, Breakfast Club,” Marissa set down the tray of s’mores between them. “Me, Holland, Danny, Rose, and Emmett dressed up as the characters from the movie.” Marissa looked at Mave and tried her best to figure out his costume. She couldn’t place it, though, and decided it was probably better to ask than say nothing at all. “Who are you tonight?”

  • That's my specialty - Maverick Buchannan , Fri Sep 1 15:37
    Once again, Mave had been tricked somehow into attending some weird RMI party. He really needed to stop letting Holland persuade him to be social. Although admittedly, the last party had been pretty... more
    • Then you can teach me! - Marissa, Sun Sep 3 11:06
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