I will be a very patchwork-y dragon
Mon Sep 4, 2017 21:57

Finally blinking his blue eyes now that he was reassured the other boy wasn’t about to burst into flame, Anssi made a soft oooooh sound, which was not so much a sound of him being reassured as it was a sound of amazement. A magical costume? Wow! Anssi had never had a magical costume, although that wasn’t much surprise since he had never properly dressed up in costume before. But even if he had, neither of his parents were magical and his older siblings had always been away at school over Halloween, so a magical costume probably would not have happened anyways. And definitely not one with smoke. Possibly fire, if Ruben was involved, but not just smoke. “It is very fun,” he complimented, offering a smile.

He then looked down at his own costume, swinging his lightsaber aimlessly at his side. What would his current costume look like if it was magicked? The lightsaber would coolest, he thought. Magic light. Or something like that. “I am the best costume.” Realizing too late how that sounded, Anssi blushed. “Not the best best, but, umm, hur kan jag säger det?... I have not ever been making a costume,” he slowly explained, “so here have I mixed all of the pieces which are making good costumes. Look, pirate hat, and crime mask, and hero cape, and boots for cowboys, and a Jedi sword.” He pointed to each piece as he said it. The only parts he didn’t point out were his jeans and t-shirt (normal clothes) and his bandana (which went with the cowboy boots but also hid the weird birthmark on his neck).

“S-eye-las,” he repeated carefully and then stuck out his left hand. The right hand was more normal for shaking, but that was his lightsaber hand! “Hi, I am Mikael Lundqvist but you can be calling me Anssi.” After saying it so often, it rattled off very easily, even with his thick accent. The blonde had never introduced himself so much in his life before; there were just too many people at RMI! But, at least he would be here for lots of years. He wouldn’t have to introduce himself any more after his first year. (Right?) Anssi shook his head at Silas’s question. “Maybe we can be going on it now?” Assuming the other boy would agree, he started walking to the slide, almost tripping over his own boot as he gaped up at it. “It is big!”

  • You should be! - Silas, Wed Aug 30 20:35
    Silas looked at how the boy was dressed and held back a laugh. He wasn’t sure what he was dressed as, but he figured it was something Muggle. Silas didn’t know much about Muggles, after all, he was... more
    • I will be a very patchwork-y dragon - Anssi, Mon Sep 4 21:57
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